“Heights in Lights” Screening Begins Thursday Evening

Correction: We had earlier reported that the Thursday evening screening would be at The Binc. It is on line only. The “Moonstruck House” (19 Cranberry Street; photo) is just one of many Brooklyn Heights locations to have been featured in film. This Thursday evening, May 20, starting at 7:00, the Brooklyn Heights Association will present a virtual screening of “Heights in Lights – A Cinematic Promenade.” The Tickets aren’t cheap — they start at $40 — but all proceeds go to support the work of the BHA; you may purchase tickets here. If you can’t view the Thursday screening, your ticket allows you to have a link to view it later. Your ticket also includes the recipe for a “Heights in Lights” cocktail designed by the staff of The Binc, 60 Henry Street. Take your ticket to The Binc during this month (May) between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. to get a free aperitivo of olives or mixed nuts.

Addendum: Mary Frost in the Eagle gives some detail on the history and content of the show. It was the brainchild of former BHA executive director Judy Stanton, who was planning for the celebration of the Association’s centennial in 2010. She asked Peter Hedges, who then had his office and studio in Brooklyn Heights, to help putting it together, and he enthusiastically agreed. The initial version, “Hollywood in the Heights,” was screened at the opening event of the centennial celebration. “The Heights in Lights” is an expanded and improved version.

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