BHA’s Judy Stanton to Retire in 2015

Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, has announced her decision to retire, effective August 31, 2015. From the BHA’s announcement:

Since the early 1980’s Judy has served the BHA, first as a member of the Board of Governors and later as its first Executive Director. Known to many as “the face of the BHA,” her tenure reflects an exceptional dedication, integrity and passion for dealing with all issues that concern Brooklyn Heights. Her experience and deep community roots have been invaluable to the neighborhood. She has set a high bar for the BHA Board, and her example will inspire us as we look to the future.

Ms. Stanton was honored as one of the BHB Ten in 2010. At that time, we observed:

As the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, Ms. Stanton sometimes doesn’t get enough credit for keeping things on an even keel. This year was particularly busy for the BHA as it celebrated its 100th anniversary while also taking stands on serious issues facing Brooklyn Heights including tourist helicopter noise, BQE revitalization and the future of the Tobacco Warehouse.

We at BHB are grateful for her many years of service to our neighborhood, and wish her well in her retirement.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Somehow I assumed Judy would go on forever, being the public voice of the BHA, being active in the community and working diligently in its office even under the most trying conditions (the office was without air conditioning during the recent summer renovation of the building), but of course, like the rest of us, somehow every year she gets a year older.

    This will be a rest well earned. Now, maybe, she can plan long trips to exotic locations without having to worry about the daily problems of the Brooklyn Heights Association; enjoy her house without having to rush off to the office; and in general be a happier resident of the neighborhood she has done so much for over the years.

  • petercow

    She’s great.

  • martinlschneider

    Judy Stanton was a Heights phenomenon. Not just a voice but a dependable, accurate, forceful voice. She had a great talent for persuasive confrontation.
    I’ve seen her close up and in action for literally, decades.
    We had our differences but her being there when it counted for the Heights made up for any differces.
    The BHA has been changing but moving in a different and wrong direction from the one Stanton relentlessly pursued.
    Who will restore the spirit of respectful, urban activism which she so successfully represented?.

  • Carlotta

    100% agree.

  • cranberry

    What about you?

  • MiniCooper

    Thanks Judy. You’ll be missed!!!!!

  • Still Here

    Judy was as informed, dedicated and well-intentioned as she was ubiquitous and, especially, forthright. I have worked with her on numerous community projects for 20 years and sought her council many times. I cannot think of a major neighborhood issue with which I was involved where Judy was not at the table.
    I always thought how challenging it must be for anyone to be the executive director of an organization as prominent, richly supported, and controversial as the Brooklyn Heights Association, especially an organization whose stewardship extended beyond the parochial domain of Brooklyn Heights. I believe this outreach and support, so important to the smaller surrounding neighborhoods like mine, had much to do with Judy and her own commitment to the broader community. Thank you, Judy. You shall be missed.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    I ain’t got nothing bad to say about this woman.

  • Frenchbull

    It won’t be the same without Judy at the helm. The Hodges family will miss her dedicated service-she is one of a kind!!

  • stuart little

    Judy is great, she has done a great job, but she has been doing it since the Carter Administration. A little new blood and revitalization can be a good thing for an organization. Though it is hard to imagine the BHA as ever being a youthful organization, perhaps a new director could bring new ideas and insights to the venerable if somewhat stodgy organization. I don’t mean any disrespect I’m just stating a widely held point of view.
    Look, there are many young families in the neighborhood now. They deserve a neighborhood group that reflects them a little better. That would not be the end of the world.
    I hope Ms. Stanton the best and hope she enjoys the retirement she so richly deserves after so many years of hard work.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    And I wonder just which “social sector”
    would head the reformed BHA or group
    which would replace the BHA hmmm-
    let’s see..the eskimos..clergy..the
    Bazilians. .academics…Uh, the Finnish..

    The point here is, before you reform
    or replace the existing establishment
    You had better be very careful what
    you open the door to..

    You think the Casino types are stodgy
    Perhaps, but do exert a restraint on
    such darlings as the always moral
    and wise inhabitants of 16 and 26
    Court st.

    Think very carefully here..if you can…

  • Frenchbull

    stodgy? I imagine you must be “cutting edge”, and brooklyn hip, Stuart Little.
    Youth is wasted on the young. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t all that wise or together at age 25 or even the ancient age of 30.
    Happy holidays to all, even the old, stodgy ones-sounds like age discrimination to me.
    Age should have nothing to do with it-if you want a “breath of fresh air” I suppose you will get it with all the young families-big deal
    and how might you contribute to BHA?

  • stuart little

    stop shaking your cane at me you old coot. you may fall over.

  • Joanne Haire

    Wow! I can’t believe that you said that stuart little

  • Quinn Raymond

    Thank you Judy.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Again, what would replace the casino establishment with?
    Be VERY careful before you take one stabilization system
    off line, however flawed it is, before you fully know and
    Fully test what would replace it…..

    WHO and WHAT do you propose to replace the present
    System with???

    See; you have no clear ideas do any of you….

  • Frenchbull

    sorry, but no cane yet and I’m not a violent type-still running 10ks-too bad about the name calling-I usually find that folks write interesting comments here, is “coot” a new term?
    as for “old” we will all get there, if we are lucky