Nabe Publicist is Serial Renovator

Music publicist/nabe resident Chris Chambers tells the New York Times about his adventures in renovation today: 

08chambers-1902.jpgNew York Times:A Repeat Renovator Finds His Rhythm: But Mr. Chambers claims that his first renovation six years ago, when the work was late and over budget, was as bad as any of these dramas.

The moment he can’t get out of his mind came when he was in Miami, on business, talking on the phone with his cabinet maker. When he realized that a project that that was supposed to be finished had not even been started, he went so crazy he threw his phone off the balcony of his hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental, into the water — for a publicist, a rash act indeed.

“We had this company dinner I was supposed to go to, I never came out of my room the rest of the night,” says Mr. Chambers, 35, at his Brooklyn Heights triplex. “I remember it clearly. I did not want to come home.”

Photo: NY Times

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