Renderings For Former Eamonn’s /Hallmark Store Location On Montague Street Revealed

Buzzhome has uncovered renderings for the new development planned for 172-174 Montague Street. It will replace buildings housing the now closed Eamonn’s and Hallmark store. Since it sits outside the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, the new structure will be 19 stories, higher than the 50 feet allowed inside the district. CPEX’s full listing is here. As we reported earlier, demolition began in January.

BUZZHOME: The building by Bonjour Capital will be designed by Daniel Goldner Architects and have 66 units, according to the most recent permit, filed March 26th…The 8,150-square-foot property traded in June 2012 for $12 million, or $200 per buildable foot.

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h/t Brownstoner

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  • PB

    They’re going to make a tidy profit since they’ll end up selling the apartments for well over $1,000 a square foot.

  • Cranberry Beret

    What happens to all the windows on the west side of 180 Montague? Bricked over?

  • Arch Stanton

    It fits in perfectly with the adjacent buildings, boring and ugly.

  • cat

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • stuart

    not bad, kind of modern

  • Sylvester

    Perfect for Ohio.

  • skunky

    they’re called “lot-line windows” for a reason

  • skunky

    I love the graffiti on the plywood “NO MORE CONDOS — A[NARCHY]”. I think that ship sailed quite some time ago, my anarchist friend.

  • Chester Bumerfo

    Not much to look at, but the new residents might liven up the street a little. Always sad to see a bar go…

  • Andrew Porter

    Interesting how the building looks so wide in the rendering.