84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/5/13

Wallets worth more than the money inside are stolen. Meanwhile, warm weather means doors and windows open, and you know what that means. It’s this week’s blotter.

Where to start? I’ll begin at New York Sports Club. (I’ve lost count at this point, but I still have not come across Planet Fitness. Keep it up!) Last Monday morning, a gym-goer locked his belongings and went for a workout. When he returned, everything was still there. But unfortunately, he then left the locker open while changing, and returned to find his debit card and $100 gone. The card was used in a cab and then (possibly on the way to) Best Buy.

In other workout news–two days later, a woman who rented the second floor of a building on Schermerhorn St to be used as a “fitness facility” lost her $1,100 laptop and $300 video camera when she left the site to buy art supplies.

On Jay St., an employee’s $900 pink Gucci wallet was stolen after she left her desk to go to a business meeting. Yet another reason not to go to a business meeting. I would have interjected with my limited knowledge of handbags (I call them pocketbooks, after all), and say this must have been a $900 Gucci bag, but the report says the wallet was stolen from inside the bag. So apparently my knowledge of wallets AND handbags is zilch.

Another Gucci wallet was stolen a week later on Gold St. This one was only $300. And there was also $200 inside.

The next day a 63-year-old woman realized her $700 wallet (described only as “wallet red”) along with her ID was stolen. The ID was used to open an account with Hertz Rentals, Men’s Warehouse, and two accounts with CitiBike Share. (CitiBike mention!)

On State St. last Thursday, a woman reported a break-in after she realized her “PSE console” and games were stolen. I will interject with my limited knowledge of gaming consoles and say I think this is a PS3, for what it’s worth. Which is apparently $300.

This report was from May 10th, though I just received it—a break-in on St Marks Ave resulted in a stolen $800 drum pad, and what was described as a “$400 bicycle torher.” I have no knowledge of bikes so I don’t know what “bicycle torher” means. Googling just turns up “bicycle torture.”

A night of drinking on Pineapple St. last week resulted in an assault when a woman attacked her boyfriend after he told her he wanted to turn off the TV and go to sleep.

Health Care Provider JNJ Health Care reported a theft of $5,439.87 from the corporate account.

A scary scene on Bridge St. last Sunday. A 31-year-old woman reported that she was waiting in front of her building for a bus, when suddenly a car pulled up and its occupants ran out and attacked her. The two, a 39-year-old woman and 17-year-old male, were apparently angry that the victim had not deposited a check for the perp in the victim’s account. The two are still at large.

Finally, on Saturday night, a 31-year-old man at the MetroTech station was approached by a woman whom he described as having a fake accent. After she asked him the way to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, he noticed his bag and its contents were gone, including $300, an iPod Touch, and a $30 wallet. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • JoanL

    Heather, yours is some of the funniest writing I’ve had the pleasure of starting my day with–(though I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m starting my day not far from noon). The wallet theme with wit, all great. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.quinlan Heather Quinlan

    Thanks much! And don’t be embarrassed, it’s 9:00 somewhere.

  • petercow

    Agreed. Pithy, yet degenerate (to quote Woody Allen). :)

  • petercow

    Let me rephrase.. pithy and -about- degenerates. :)

  • JoanL

    You’re welcome. And thanks for the point about time. Somewhere I was up and about by the crack of dawn.

  • Ann B Chapin

    WOW! that woman on Saturday night must have had quite the accent!! oops! :-D