Open Thread: The Best Burger In Brooklyn Heights

Here’s a juicy Open Thread for your consideration. As BHB continues its “Best of the Heights” weekly surveys, we fire up Post No. 6 with a hot one: “Best Burger.”

What’s your favorite local joint for a satisfying patty? Oh so many choices… Jack the Horse Tavern or Siggy’s Salmon burger? Henry Street Ale? How about a diner deluxe from Grand Canyon, Happy Days or Park Plaza? Five Guys do the trick for you? Custom House, Clark’s Restaurant or Heights Cafe? Then, of course, there’s Shake Shack at the Fulton Mall entrance. Please feel free to share where you satiate craving for the perfect burger—and how it’s prepared to perfection.

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  • eamonq

    Whatever happened to the Cranberry Street Fair? Was 2010 the final one?

  • BklynJace

    Love Shake Shack, and Custom House is a good addition. But have been going to Waterfront Ale House since it was in the Last Exit space, and it’s still our go-to spot.

  • paul

    I’m a big fan of a shackburger and the half-size concrete for lunch: chocolate custard with peanut butter sauce and peanut brittle.

    I think shake shack has the best classic burger, but five guys has the best fries.

    for a more restaurant style burger, I think Jack the Horse has a damn fine burger.

  • HenryLoL

    Forgot that Jack the Horse (decided not to go back until they one day change up the menu!) had a burger – it was good. But for a cheaper (oddy, no by much…) alternative Five Guys is excxellent — but only if the cheese is melted and the bun not cold…

  • Luke C

    Shake Shack does beef burgers the way I like them best, Siggy’s turkey burger is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

  • Tiger Lily

    Does Henry Public count even though it’s in Cobble Hill?

  • val

    Blue cheese burger at Pete’s Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic.

  • liam

    the best burger in the heights is definately Grand Canyon !
    large and cooked to order perfectly. when you ask for medium rare it’s juicy and just the right amount of pink, not a dry and overcooked pattie.

  • Joe from Grace

    Jack the Horse

  • Wiley E.

    Teressa’s on Montague is good. Worth a mention.

  • travy

    i like petes the best. especially the kobe beef special

  • Wiley E.

    If Henry Public is reachable by a golf sand-wedge shot from the outer limits of BH, it counts.

  • Tclinton11201

    not mentioned yet but pretty nice (although seasonal) is Bark at Brooklyn Bridge Park, awesome view, cool beers and very decent “outside grill type” burger

    come to think of it, there should be categories:
    fastfood chain burger
    dinner burger
    restaurant burger
    pub burger

  • Tclinton11201

    and 282 on Atlantic but then that’s really a long sand wedge, more like a 3-wood!

  • Wrennie

    I vote Henry Public, even though it technically is just over the border.

  • Angie Rose

    I would definitely say the Waterfront Ale House has the best burger. Half pound of great quality beef, actuallyyyy cooked to the temp you order it, and the list of toppings is a big perk (I love the fried onions). Definitely tough to compare a shakeshack slider to this. The game burger specials at the Ale House are awesome too.

  • Park Lover

    I love the turkey burger at Clark’s, and the beef burgers at the Wine Bar.

  • willowtowncop

    I vote Henry Public too but I almost never have one because their turkey leg sandwich is so good that I always end up ordering that even if I came in for a burger. Their fries and pickles are the best too.

  • Joe

    My burger cravings usually goes in this order.

    1. Ale House
    2. 5 Guys

    However, I wound up eating at 5 Guys more due to proximity.

    Is Shake Shack part of BH? Burgers are good but I really hate their fries.

  • Bear

    Shake Shack, Five Guys, Grand Canyon

  • David on Middagh

    Wrennie wrote: “I vote Henry Public, even though it technically is just over the border.”

    That is good to know. Sometimes I need to run from the law before I’ve had my dinner.

  • Boerum Bill

    Checkers, hands down! All the salt and grease of a Shake Shack burger at half the price!

  • Andrew

    282 Burger makes a great burger — very similar in style to Shake Shack’s, but a little larger. Also on the wrong side of Atlantic, Henry Public makes an excellent hamburger sandwich, but as noted, it’s not nearly as good as their phenomenal turkey leg sandwich. Waterfront Ale House makes a solid burger — occassionally their special burger is an interest wild game meat. Henry Street Ale House makes an acceptable burger when they have their Monday night burger deal, but it’s just not a great burger, the meat is unremarkable and overwhelmed by the bun, which is just too big for the patty. Five Guys is OK, but they have excellent fries.

  • mmm

    Park Plaza. Yes, I’m in the minority, but they have improved greatly over the past couple of years — both quality and menu.

    The smell of the grill as you walk by is irresistible. Cooked to order. Medium rare arrives medium rare, etc. Best bacon cheeseburger. Great complementary pickles and coleslaw, with large servings of each.

  • harumph

    wow, there is someone that actually goes to Grand Canyon???

    my choices are: Henry Public and Jack the horse – and Shake Shack in a heartbeat.

  • JV

    mmm, i thought i would be the only one that would say park plaza diner. I agree, they have a great good ole diner burger.
    always love a five guys burger too. they are probably the best food chain burger.

  • soulman

    Park Plaza bison burgers – much tastier than beef or turkey.

  • AEB

    Park Plaza’s Burger of Champions–burger, cheese, egg and bacon–served with those wonderful, industrial onion rings, is a complete debauch.

    Not good exactly but sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

  • Matthew Parker

    Burgers should have sub-categories.

    Best “upscale” burger, IMHO, goes to JtH. No lettuce or tomatoes, just the juciest, tastiest beef on a ciabatta roll with onions sauteed in a balsamic reduction. Great fries. With a Pisco Sour, it’s one of the perfect meals you can have on this planet.

    Best “chain” burger, IMHO, goes to 5 Guys. they also have the best chain fries. Shake Shake, again IMHO, is a lot of hype, their fries are almost inedible, but they do have an awesome peanut butter shake.

    IMHO, best burger in the City is at Forty Four, the Royalton. On the menu it’s a whopping $26, but you can reserve through and get 30% off, which brings it down to around $18.

  • Josh G

    Custom House’s Brooklyn Bistro Burger is fantastic; Shake Shack is a de facto standard, and Siggy’s beef burger should get an honorable mention… they season it so well!