Eagle: We Know the Identity of Shooting Victim

In its report on yesterday’s shooting at 101 Clark Street, the Brooklyn Eagle claims to have confirmed the identity of the victim.  The paper says it will not disclose that information until law enforcement officials release it:

Brooklyn Eagle: The Brooklyn Eagle confirmed the identity of the victim, but will not publish those details until made public by the police. The victim was a graduate of Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge and is currently engaged to be married, according to his Facebook page.

The victim also reportedly knows who the shooter was.

Police confirmed the victim had about a dozen prior arrests and lived at 101 Clark St., which is a high-rise building with several hundred Mitchell Lama co-op apartments. The victim, a 28-year-old white male with what appears to be Chinese letters tattooed on his left forearm, was wearing white sneakers, baggy white shorts and a red shirt when he was shot.

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  • skunky

    headline syntax fail

  • ML

    We know the news. The news is our business. We have the news positively confirmed. … But don’t come here to find the news. We are going to censor ourselves and not tell you the news. — The Brooklyn Eagle

  • Arch Stanton

    How Orwellian…

  • Reggie

    The Eagle provides the victim’s address, a partial physical description and certain identifiable characteristics, but it won’t tell us his name. Absurdly bad writing. With only minor embellishment, we have an article for The Onion.

  • ny2bk

    Kind of like BHB censoring photos of dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs a while back…


    and those “non-victims” actually broke the law.

  • Hicks St guy

    that the building has Mitchell-Lama units: how is that relevant? and more importantly, what is the inference? this is what you get when you have affordable housing? nasty.

  • JoeJoralemon

    Of course the implication is that when you have affordable housing there will be increased crime. How many people living in $4 million brownstones are running around shooting each other in the street and have lengthy criminal records.

  • Edna Fae

    People living in $4 million brownstones can afford to have someone do the shooting for them dummy

  • JoeJoralemon

    Right, and I’m sure they’d request the hitman/woman to do it outside of their own neighborhood.