Details on Shooting at 101 Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights

BHB Photo by Marc Hermann

Shots rang out in front of 101 Clark St. just before 7:00 p.m., leaving a man wounded on the sidewalk. The victim, a resident of the building, was hit twice in the back, and is recovering at Bellevue Hospital.

“I heard the shots and I looked over and I saw this young kid with a gun, and shoot it again, and then ran off,” said one witness.

Other witnesses said there were two men, one of whom was carrying a backpack. Both fled east on Clark St., where one jumped in to a red SUV.

Meanwhile, neighbors attempted to render aid to the victim.

“He was moaning and saying that he couldn’t move. Then we went over to him and asked him if he had been shot and he said he didn’t know, he thought so,” said one resident of the building. “We asked him if he was in pain, he said ‘yes,’ he said he couldn’t move. At some point, somebody moved him somewhat, and we were able to see that he was bleeding.”

A woman identified as the victim’s mother appeared on the street shortly after the incident, crying out “my son! My son!” She rode in another ambulance and followed her son to the hospital.

The incident shocked the normally peaceful block. “I’m shaking. I have to admit that until I actually saw the blood, I was maybe a little…not believing it was real, but then once I saw it I really started to feel very shaky, and this is totally out of keeping with this building, with this neighborhood, it’s not at all what you would expect here,” said the witness.

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  • David G

    This is absurd. Just ridiculous.

  • john

    Terrible news. BTW, what type of building is 101 Clark St – it is low income housing or rental – I ask as I never see places for sale in the block..?

  • Josh G

    Holy crap – am curious to see what develops, whether this was targeted or random.

  • TK Small

    I believe that the building is a Mitchell Lama subsidized co-op. The units can only be sold back to the co-op itself, basically at the same price as the original purchase.

    I just hope this guy isn’t paralyzed. I have met many people who were the victims of gun violence who end up in wheelchairs.

  • MamaBe

    Very sad about this young man, a neighbor of mine at 101 Clark Street. Let us who believe, pray for his full recovery along with strength and faith for his mother. Let’s also hope the shooters get caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    No, we are not a low income building. Why would anyone think that?

    Info about 101 Clark St / 10 Clinton Street:
    There were originally three hi-rise buildings along Cadman Plaza constructed in the mid 60’s that were all middle-income Mitchell Lama co-ops. The middle building at 75 Henry Street (Whitman Close) opted out of the HPD operated program (providing subsidies for affordable housing) and went private some years ago. The Cadman Plaza North building (at Middaugh Street) is unrelated to the Clark / Clinton Street buildings except that they are still middle income co-ops, not yet privatized. Info about the Mitchell Lama program and locations of buildings throughout the boros can be found on the HPD website.

    Personal note:
    This has been a wonderful and unique housing program that served hundreds of thousands of families in NYC with affordable apartments. Such a shame now that so many greedy folks in my complex and others in NYC think they are entitled to cash in by going private after they’ve benefitted from living in Mitchell Lama apartments. That kind of “I got mine– forget about you and everyone else” mentality does nothing for me. There are still hundreds of thousands of young, growing families and hard working people desperate for a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood who deserve to have the same opportunities we have been fortunate enough to enjoy all these years.

  • WillowtownCop

    There have been ten shootings that I know of in Red Hook this year- only a few blocks from here. None of them have made the blogs.

  • Arch Stanton


    Kudos on your personal note, well put. The “I got mine– forget about you and everyone else, mentality” does nothing good for the neighborhood or the world, for that matter.

  • AEB

    Terrible! Makes one think that one might be “in-the-wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time” even in BH…..

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Wasn’t there an incident with a man being beat to death in Park Slope on Saturday night? Report said he was a family man and it appeared to be a random act.

  • Homer Fink

    @junkersfeld – here’s the story about Park Slope, doesn’t seem random if you read the whole article..

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    There was another incident in Park Slope last night on 12th and 5th. The victim was beat to death by approximately 20 individuals. Personally, I’m not use to hearing about violence of this type in areas like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, especially in the same evening. Frankly, I find it alarming.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Didn’t read your note, thanks Homer.

  • Paul

    There went the neighborhood! Time to move out kids.

  • F

    Outta Here – 1 bedroom for sale on Montague Street.

  • K

    who needs this? I know it’s still Brooklyn but I didn’t move to BH to get shot. I live on Monroe and leave at 5:45 in the morning. Just the incentive I need to move way out east, just not sure what I’ll do for a living.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ F & K Goodbye, Brooklyn is no place for you….

  • Giltgesso

    Could it be drug related? We live across from the Clark Street station and we have seen a lot of sketchy action nearby followed by police cars heavily patrolling the area…

  • Enquiring Mind

    How’s about somebody contact the precinct, get a copy of the police report and then report back with relevant and/or salient details? Since no other paper of record appears to have yet picked up the story, this will be a BHB exclusive.

  • Edna Fae

    Dear Brooklyn Heights Residents,
    Don’t race for the exits. This was not a random shooting. When u play u pay.

  • K

    Hey Arch Stanton,

    You can roll around in the muck with the rest of the subhumans. Good luck to you.

    You must be some kind of tough guy.

  • Claude Scales

    There’s a brief story in today’s Daily News that describes the victim as “troubled” and having an arrest record.

    I must say, “Brooklyn Heights gunman” is not a phrase I expected to see in a headline.

  • michael

    Let’s face it, this crime was probably drug related or something of that ilk. I don’t think we have to worry about random drive-by shootings quite yet.

    PS: Welcome to the Old New York, everyone!

  • Kuzma

    Hello! I was today there. And i have few videos . (after shootings) HD quality. If you need it – write me on

  • Obama?

    Quite hysterical reaction to want to move out of BH over this, don’t ya think? Get a grip on yourselves people!

    (I guess you want 101 Clark St to be sold to the Watchtower now.)

  • since47

    Having read both stories, it doesn’t appear that either of these incidents (Heights and Slope) was random, although less is known about the Clark Street shooting. It’s not like we live in a castle or a gated community and intruders crossed the moat or got past the guards. It’s a neighborhood, like any other, populated by all types of residents, and the odds are that something will happen from time to time. Of course it’s upsetting when it happens where you live, in an area where you’d like to think you’re safe, but that’s not the reality of it. And reacting to it with hysteria doesn’t solve anything.

    As far as 101 Clark, there’s nothing ‘low-income’ about it – and thank you, MamaBe for explaining that.

  • Po

    And, just to clarify Mamabe’s description of the 3 tower buildings – 75 Henry (Whitman Owner) was never a Mitchell Lama development, it was built under N.Y. State J51 Tax Abatement and was majority voted to privitize when the abatement ended.

  • Cadman Resident

    The residents of the neighborhood ask you to PLEASE take this picture down. This family has been through enough. No other news source decided to post a picture of this poor, troubled boy.

    Please, please, take the photo down and respect the privacy of the family.

  • weegee

    Photographers have been covering news for 150 years. I assume, Cadman, you have purposefully avoided gleaning any understanding of world or local events from published photographs. You have a lot of catching up to do if you intend to demand censorship of public news events.

  • Pineapple Resident

    Boy? He’s a 28 year old man who, from the sounds of it, was involved in some sort of organized crime. You can’t even see his face in the picture. Get a grip! There’s no invasion of privacy.

  • heights11201

    the gothamist and ny daily news published photos too