Shooting in Brooklyn Heights

There’s reportedly been a shooting in Brooklyn Heights. Marc Hermann and Heather Quinlan are on the scene.

Earlier this evening “ABCD” commented that the incident was on Monroe Place and Clark Street.

@skidder tweets:

Drama in Brooklyn Heights: someone shot at end of my block. Found my police scanner.

@jarbro tweets:

About 10+ NYPD units responding to shooting in Brooklyn Heights on Clark St. at Monroe Place ( via @skidder)

From Gothamist newsmap:

Shooting | 39yro Male Shot Twice To His BACK. Male Has No Feelings To His Lwr EXTREMITIES. Pt Is Being Txp To Bellevue HOSPITAL. Perp Fled On Foot Armed With A 40 Caliber Black HANDGUN. Aided Has Stable Vitals At This Time As Per Trauma NOTIFICATION. Brooklyn, NY | 8/1/2010 7:20 p.m.

The last shooting we can recall in Brooklyn Heights involved the “nerf bomber” Ivaylo Ivanov who accidentally shot himself, leading cops to his stash of explosives . He later confessed to painting swastikas on area synagogues.

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  • 23skidoo

    I was walking south on Monroe Place at 7:05pm and heard two very loud booms, followed by quite a lot of yelling (Fword).

  • heightsss

    so…. what happened?