Man Found with Pipe Bombs on Remsen

WNBC-TV reports a disturbing item this morning:

WNBC-TV: Man with Pipe Bombs…: Police and the bomb squad rushed to an apartment in Brooklyn Heights early Sunday after a man is discovered with pipe bombs in his apartment.

According to police, the man called 911 saying he had a gunshot wound to the hand.When police arrived , they found the pipe bombs and immediately evacuated the building on Remsen Street.

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  • anon

    According to the Gothamist newsmap, the incident was reported at 4:15 AM at 58 Remsen (which is between Montague Terrace and Hicks; it’s the first brownstone on the southeast corner of the block).

    We’re about a block away and were woken up by the police/fire presence at around 5:30. My husband tried to run out for breakfast about an hour later and was told he couldn’t leave the area. Don’t know if they’re still restricting foot traffic.

    Disturbing stuff indeed.

  • anon2

    Left around 9-9:30am from a friends place on Grace Ct, was told that you can leave the area, but you will not be able to return.

    NYPD said that it would be a least another 2 hours before everything is back to normal. The cop I talked to guessed it would be longer than this.

    Rumors stated there was the possibility of more than one pipe bomb at 58 Remsen.

    Another interesting morning in Brooklyn.

  • Eric

    Any info on the guy?

  • anon70

    news said 31yo.

  • anon42

    There was a whole stash of weapons found as well. Could this be related to the swastika graffiti and the “White Power” organization that may operate in this neighborhood?

  • Billy

    Wow, it would be wild if the police linked this with the swatiska vandalism. It sounds like the guy liked guns and
    things that go boom. I just walked by the house and the cops were posing in front of the front doors for a TV camera crew. I assume the poor residents of that building have not been allowed to go home. What a heartache on such a cold day.

  • spm

    I heard on WABC that his name was Ivanov, lived on the parlor floor in the Heights for about 6 years and could be seen walking a dog in the neighborhood. Let’s see what develops…

  • MelKel

    I actually know Ivo casually through our dogs. I met him a few years back at the dog park, and I remember immediately thinking he was a bit of an oddball. He told all of my friends and me different stories about his past/ job. He’s told people he was in the Italian, Israeli, and US Armies, that he was a doctor, a video game designer… We all figured out fairly quickly that he lied all the time. I never thought he was actually dangerous, though. I thought he was trying to impress people. I did feel uneasy a couple of months ago when I saw him out wearing a full US Army uniform. I have to admit, when I heard today who it was, I wasn’t surprised.

  • anon2

    The full write-up is in the Times, apparently the guy had quite the stash, including 6 pipebombs, pistols, rifles, bow and arrows, silencers, etc…

    Other than some lost sleep for some neighbors, at least nothing else happened.

  • J.J.

    I saw him walking his dog down hicks street at 11:30 last night. It couldn’t of been too serious.

    Remsen St really has been busy. Fires, Swastikas, Pipe bombs.

  • bornhere

    J.J. — the guy is to be arraigned today. What are the odds he’d be allowed to go home to walk the dog last night?

  • KH

    Does anyone know what kind of dog he has? Just trying to figure out who he is, Remsen is our daily dog walk and I can’t place the guy. Hope he is not allowed back and someone is taking care of his poor dog.

  • J.J.

    I must be confused with which guy it is. What does this guy look like?

  • Remsen

    Is that the same apartment where the Departed was filmed?

  • Remsen 2

    Yes, it’s the building where the scene in The Departed was filmed. That would be a good tidbit for the news.

  • pnyc

    this is just wonderful news!
    my wife and i almost bought in 70 remsen last month — but didnt go through with it. now my family is sending me this story and — well, you get the picture.

    but this could happen anywhere in nyc.
    and it has.
    not to mention how this happens all over the u.s. – except usually it’s found out after the bombs go off.