Nanny Karma Police Patrol Pierrepont Playground

That mendacious playground of child care policing,, is at it again with this "report" of alleged nanny-on-child violence:

ISawYourNanny: Around 12 noon today, (1/17)Too many red bulls? Your nanny finished one red bull, popped a top on the other and proceeded to lose her patience or rather continued to lose her patience with your little girl all dressed in pink. One twin or close in age child was outside of the double stroller and one was inside by herself. The nanny handled her very harshly, buckled her in with a meanness and just was very tough with every movement. The nanny was bent over this stroller and totally ignoring the other child who was standing with her finger in her mouth looking at her little sister with such sympathy. If she could have spoken or would have spoken, she would have said, 'stop being so mean to my sister'. If this is your nanny she has short dark hair, an ear pieced high on the ear as in an old style ear clip, a pointy nose that looked like a ski slope and she had some sort of accent that I was not familiar with.

This post is classic ISYN, complete with the subtle racism that has made the site famous (at least in our mind). If this kind of neglect happend in front of you, wouldn't you say something instead of running home to your computer?

[via Gowanus Lounge

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  • No One Of Consequence

    The hint of racism is too subtle for me to detect.
    I read nothing more than a physical description.

    What disturbs me more is the lack of concern exhibited in the ensuing comments on for this post.
    The poster was providing information that only the child(ren)’s parents are in a position to make a judgment call on.
    Yet the comments do nothing but discourage anyone from posting lest they themselves become the target of a lynch mob.

    If what the poster witnessed made them uncomfortable enough to post it to ISYN, then it’s worth bringing to the attention of the parents so that they can investigate further.

    I once received a report from a mother regarding something she observed with my child and I was very grateful for the information. She wasn’t judging the nanny/sitter, but thought that I should know so that I could decide whether or not it merited greater attention.

  • elenah

    Yes to the above, I think the site was set up to connect people to parents they do not know! Be glad the person who observed your nanny knew where to find you!

  • elenah

    Oh and this post involved white children and a white nanny with an accent. Where is the racism, dummy?>

  • mama

    What racism? The truth is that most of the nannies in this area may be of a different race and culture, and the physical descriptions are used as IDENTIFYING information. Is it the poster’s fault if the nanny happens to be black or hispanic or white or asian or whatever?

    Thank goodness there are parents and others who are keeping an eye out for children who are in others’ care. I think ISYN is a great site. I think some of the comments to the posts are absolutely inane, but I’ve stopped reading them.

  • homer fink

    elenah – no need for name calling . But thanks for proving at least part
    of my point

  • BklynGal

    How many double strollers with girls dressed in pink are on BH Playgrounds?!!! I am definitely not a fan of that website, and this description is really not helpful, bordering on inane. However– I am a SAHM of 2 small kids and I think it’s GOOD if nannies believe they are being watched. I have seen all kinds of bad behavior from nannies and some of it is horrifying. I’ve even seen behavior from FATHERS that’s pretty horrifying. Whether it’s luck or just the way it is, I’ve never witness a BHmom being awful to her child…thank goodness.

  • spm

    I clicked on the site and if you had included more information in your excerpt, the description went further on both the girls and the nanny who is white. I detected no racism on this either – I think you’re looking for something that’s just not there.

  • ABC

    The rest of the post that wasn’t included here goes on…

    “The way the nanny handled this child in public was rough. I wonder if her touch was softer when she got her home, out of the limelight? Stroller was a twin blue and black side by side jog stroller. The nanny was white, dressed athletically in stretch black pants, a zip up red sweatshirt with writing on each side of the zipper and a black head band. The girl in the stroller dressed in pink had fur trim around her hood. The little girl standing was wearing brown tall boots with pink flowers on them. Oh and by the by, it’s freezing outside. Not the best time to take two small children out so you can get your exercise on. Stay inside, build a castle, read a book!”

    I wouldn’t call this racism.

  • elenah

    Homer Fink,
    YOu have no point. Do you even know what mendacious is? It isn’t the same as bootylicious. So you know.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    I Saw Your Nanny is the worst kind of website. It encourages tattletales.

    Elenah I suspect you are one of the mommy/plantation owners who is upset that your nanny/slave surveillance system has been compromised.

  • gingy

    Nannyt/slave. Racism? This post concerns a white nanny. Dumb asses!

  • Jazz

    Gingy please return to Park Slope where you belong. Thank you.