Details on Shooting at 101 Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights

BHB Photo by Marc Hermann

Shots rang out in front of 101 Clark St. just before 7:00 p.m., leaving a man wounded on the sidewalk. The victim, a resident of the building, was hit twice in the back, and is recovering at Bellevue Hospital.

“I heard the shots and I looked over and I saw this young kid with a gun, and shoot it again, and then ran off,” said one witness.

Other witnesses said there were two men, one of whom was carrying a backpack. Both fled east on Clark St., where one jumped in to a red SUV.

Meanwhile, neighbors attempted to render aid to the victim.

“He was moaning and saying that he couldn’t move. Then we went over to him and asked him if he had been shot and he said he didn’t know, he thought so,” said one resident of the building. “We asked him if he was in pain, he said ‘yes,’ he said he couldn’t move. At some point, somebody moved him somewhat, and we were able to see that he was bleeding.”

A woman identified as the victim’s mother appeared on the street shortly after the incident, crying out “my son! My son!” She rode in another ambulance and followed her son to the hospital.

The incident shocked the normally peaceful block. “I’m shaking. I have to admit that until I actually saw the blood, I was maybe a little…not believing it was real, but then once I saw it I really started to feel very shaky, and this is totally out of keeping with this building, with this neighborhood, it’s not at all what you would expect here,” said the witness.

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  • NB

    This guy had prior arrests and sounded shady. If he got shot, you can probably be sure he had it coming to him, probably drug related, BHeights neighborhood is still safe.

  • F

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could make the Promenade a gated area for Heights residents only? Just like Gramercy Park, where the residents have a key to access it.
    Everyone else can go down to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • WillowtownCop

    Most shootings are not random. He didn’t deserve to be shot, and the guy in Park Slope didn’t deserve to be beaten to death, but neither of those things would have happened if the “victims” had been doing the right thing. I’ll save my sympathy for people like the 2 year old girl who was shot in Coney Island the other night because her “parents” had her outside in the middle of the night and she was caught in the cross fire when two thugs decided to settle an argument by shooting at each other.

  • AEB

    N.,no, it wouldn’t be. Insularity is exactly what BH doesn’t need.

  • bornhere

    Cadman Resident — I have zero idea who the victim is, and I would bet that, once they release his name and a “studio,” Facebook grab, or graduation picture, I still won’t know who he is. I hope he recovers (in all possible ways), and that he and his family heal from this.
    Almost every story I read in the news is augmented by photos: they add a face — a human reality — to a report. And I completely agree with Weegee and Willowtown Cop in their positions, and the absolute value of documenting events and apportioning of sympathy. I also want to acknowledge the great response of the men and women of the 84, and I am sure the shooter will get nailed.

  • T.K. Small

    This question is off topic, but it does relate to crime in the area. Was the perpetrator (I love that word) who pistol whipped my neighbor on Pierrepont Street ever apprehended?

  • friend

    You guys really need to find something better to do with your time then discuss this shooting any further. The victim is someone I grew up with in the neighborhood and although he may have a record, he is still a person with a good heart and would help any one of you if you were put in the same position. You need to stop posting things about this and let his family take care of this situation on their own without a bunch of nosey neighbors discussing this on a website. The neighborhood is still safe, we all know this, so move on to a different topic. Sorry to sound annoyed, but enough is enough already.

  • AL

    Friend: How is it that a person “with a good heart” and one who “would help any one of [us]” has a record of numerous arrests?

  • Friend2

    I second what “Friend” had to say and also grew up with the victim. Sometimes people step on the wrong person’s toes and they pay the price, that’s how we all grew up. Our buddy knew the potential consequences of his actions, but never hurt anyone intentionally. The past can catch up with you, such was the case here. Just because someone has a rap doesn’t mean they’re scum. Understand that most of your neighbors aren’t saints, but they’re still neighbors nonetheless. Regardless of my past, I would give the shirt off my back to any of my neighbors. You live in Brooklyn, not Sesame Street. Wise up, people.

  • A Friend

    It’s a very sad story and he happen top be a friend. His name was Hunter Metric and he passed October 10.
    He was a wonderful friend and father to his daughter. He will be missed by many.


    i hate ignorant people.just because you have a criminal record doesnt mean ur a bad person.some people got to do what they have to do to survive.But i guess alot of u liberal/pu??Y bas##rds wouldnt understand that.This kid was a stand-up man another thing u people wouldnt understand.SO just let him REST IN PEACE and leave ur comments to urself if u didnt know him..

  • Life

    I have know him since I was 15. Nothing has shaken me further, for the last few days I have just been trying to figure out how things could have been different. We all make mistakes in our lives, but no one deserves to have their life taken. Free will is all we have, and my friend’s was taken. Do not comment about what you don’t know. All I can say is when the chips were down, he stood up for me. Maybe he didnt have the same opportunities as I did, but in the turbulent years of adolescence when I needed a friend the most, he was there.

  • StreetSmartz

    Wait this guy died?? Is it from the same incident? I’m confused.

  • nabeguy

    Yes, StreetSmartz, the man died. To his friends, I mourn your loss, most especially for the sake of his daughter. For whatever reason, he seems to have chosen a path in life that was prone to danger, although he may have felt safe in his own neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was a path that doesn’t allow for one bad decision.