Open Thread Wednesday 12/26/07


Let's take this opportunity to discuss the top Brooklyn Heights stories of 2007 –

Love Lane Condos 

20 Henry Street

Facelift at Le Petit Marche 

It was a play… in someone's house

The little house that couldn't sell

Clooney! Pitt! The Burn After Reading film shoot

Fire at 42 Remsen

Cadman Plaza Park Reno 

Brooklyn Bridge Park 

… and whatever else you think was big nabe news in 2007!

Comment below. 

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  • Arthur

    Brooklyn Bridge Park will never happen.

  • Cranky

    The new Uncommon Grounds Wine Bar looks like it will open soon. Looks really pretty in there.

  • Son of Corner of Cranberry

    Agreed – but wouldn’t it have made more business sense to make it just a little less pretty, if that meant they could open sooner? They could have been making money all this time instead of sending it out the door on yet another wax job on the pretty hardwood floors and bar. Not to mention that whatever little credibility they might have had as a CoC (re)incarnation went out the window as their “opening no later than 10/31″ deadline came and went. Now by sitting unfinished for so long it just looks like they’re the latest in a long line of bad business ideas for that storefront. Bring back Norman…

  • google that LLC

    hey, they never put a year on that deadline sign….

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Now we are criticizing Dan for making his restaurant look too good. What next? Can we give the guy a break? We all know that regardless how nice the interior looks or quality of the food, many on this board are itching to lower the boom.

    I, for one, wish his new operation the best of luck. That corner is a great location and success for the new establishment would be great for the neighborhood.

  • yo

    I saw my second skinhead of brooklyn heights the other day. It was on christmas. He was hanging out on Remsen st by the promenade at 11:30 at night. Anyone know about this guy?

  • Cranky

    Oh yeah totally Son of C.o.C. I kept thinking every day they are closed has to be costing them lots.

  • cranman

    the heights has a growing skinhead population… A group of them live near me.

  • lady montague

    Anyone know about the scaffold collapse at 140 Cadman Plaza West this morning? (NW corner of Middagh) I saw it from a distance, couldn’t tell if it came down on its own or if a car crashed into it.

  • GHB

    A cab crashed into it. A woman pedestrian was injured, but I don’t know anything beyond that. I hope she’s OK.

  • No One of Consequence

    Livery car killed an elderly woman. 2 others critically injured. Driver’s condition not known.

  • YuppieFear!

    “A growing skinhead population”? Ha ha! The Remsen St. skinhead that is being referred to is a traditional, non-racist skinhead (he is not even white). No worries, he won’t eat your babies or burn a cross on your brownstone stoop.

    Some reference material:

  • cranman

    I disagree. After the swastika incidents, I think there are racist skinheads amonst us.

  • hoppy

    Over the past year or so I’ve seen an increasing number of small groups of unfamiliar people walking through the neighborhood speaking German. I guess we should keep an eye out.

  • No One Of Consequence

    There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and skinheads.

  • yo

    “There’s only one thing I hate more than a racist, and thats a spic.”

    I’m well aware of the non-racist skins out there but didn’t get a chance to check out the laces to see if he was one of them. If he is then more power to um. Unfortunately its not uncommon for dictators to warp the original meaning of symbols.

    As for the swastikas left, they were most definitely not left by skinheads, I can assure you of that. They were very unprofessionally drawn and were not drawn on a slant but rather in a box. No self respecting skin head (is there such a thing?) would mis-draw a swastika like that because the way it was drawn on Remsen was in actuality kanji for Peace. That means it was drawn by non-white skinhead (ie muslim) especially since the notes were anti-Israel and compared Israel to pigs. Only a group of people who thought pigs were disgusting were consider that effective (ie muslim).
    Incorrect amateur swastika drawing + anti-israel + pig remarks = 99% chance of muslim and not skin head.
    Not being anti-muslim here, just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  • lady montague

    Last I heard, the white power skinhead types are not exactly frequent fliers on El Al, either, if you know what I mean. Nor have I seen them parading with their art school diplomas to prove their “professional” drawing abilities.

  • yo

    Touche lady montague. However, I wasn’t criticizing their drawing, I was criticizing their knowledge. I’ve spent years with skins in PA and trust me, none of them would incorrectly draw a swastika (since that seems to be the only thing they really care about). My issue with the ones drawn on Remsen was not that they weren’t drawn well, but that they weren’t drawn at all! The people who drew them drew a hindi and kanji symbol for peace, NOT a swastika. If there is one thing you can rely on a skinhead to do, its to properly draw a swastika.
    And regarding the Israel issue, there are many skinhead groups in America that are in favor of israel (in an attempt to get the jews out of america) just like there are some skin groups in favor of all the blacks going back to Africa (as oppose to killing everyone or ethnic cleansing of some sort).

    And just to clarify, what I meant by “disgusting” regarding a pig in my earlier comment, I really meant more like “unholy.”

    I understand it may be politically incorrect to say that a muslim could possibly do anything wrong, but the facts here seem to point to just that:

    Same week as Iran President visit +
    Incorrect attempt at swastika +
    Anti-Israel +
    Unholy pig association =
    99% chance its a muslim.

    Again, I could be wrong, just my thoughts.

  • No One Of Consequence

    ok, but the one thing that is missing from your formula is “motive.”
    As in, why would a muslim seek to frame skinheads in an anti-semitic act? Al Qaeda (which does not represent all muslims, of course) doesn’t (generally) try to blame other groups for suicide bombings. If anything, they try to take credit for things they didn’t do.

  • yo

    You don’t mean “motive” to commit the act (that would just be simple hatred); but rather you mean motive to commit the “framing.” As far as I know there was absolutely no evidence of any attempt to frame anyone. The swastika is used widely as an anti-Jewish symbol and anyone anti-Jewish is technically free to use it. Hitler was very pro-Muslim and in fact most of the Muslim nations considered themselves allies of Germany at the time. So I suppose the muslims today feel no irony in using the swastika and historically they are just to do so. However, the skinhead groups in America hate all kinds of non-white minorities so they are just as anti-muslim as they are jewish. So the muslims living in america really are siding with a group that despises them equally.

    That being said, unless there is evidence that I have not seen, there is nothing to indicate that the perp(s) tried to pin this on a skin group of any kind, and thus no motive is required.

    As for the Al Qaeda comparison: The acts done on Remsen were all physically done by on person. If there was a group involved, it clearly is very loosely tied since they relied on one amateur idiot to pull off their bidding (even Al Qaeda doesn’t do that). Thus to advertise your work just simply means a quick path to prison. Al Qaeda is an enormous international group which can afford to advertise their crimes. An analogy would be like asking why a serial killer doesn’t leave his business card if Hitler was willing to advertise his whole war? The answer should be clear.