Work Started on Love Lane Condos?

lovelanegarageBrownstoner reports that it seems work has begun on the conversion of the Love Lane Garage into Sterling Equities Love Lane Condos:


 We got an email … from an old friend and Brooklyn Heights resident asking if we'd heard anything new about the conversion of the Love Lane garage. As you may recall, news broke last August that Sterling Equities (which also owns The Mets) was in the "earliest stages" of turning the 400-slot parking garage into 40 condominium units. Given the paucity of parking in the area, many residents were in a tizzy trying to find a back-up plan for their cars. We haven't heard anything new. Our friend hypothesizes that the framing on the roof (inset) is to demonstrate the size of the planned expansion.

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  • mcleaniac

    By way of clarification – the only work that’s begun is the addition of the frame structure on the top of the building, and that’s been there for at least four months.

    Hate to threadjack, but I used to park my car in that garage — it has gone south for the winter, but I don’t know what I’m going to do this spring. Can anyone recommend a good garage near this one? I figure I should start getting on waiting lists now – it may already be too late!

  • mcleaniac

    Funny, sad story — last fall, when I first approached the attendants at the garage about when, exactly, the parking would become unavailable, they replied “Not until well into next year. Anyway, don’t worry — we’ll let you know a week before you need to move your car.”

    A week. Thanks.