Nabe Menu Site is Dream Come True

website-jpg-w560h725.jpgNabe resident/restaurant owner Gianluca Martorelli  had a dream to start a magazine and website featuring menus from the Height's local eateries. 

His dream came true when Ready to Order launched in October. Martorelli is profiled in this week's Brooklyn Heights Press.

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    First at all I wanted to say thank you to Homer for this opportunity.
    A great one to meet everybody and try to understand from our neighborhood what the needs are to make this area as much famous as Park Slope and Williamsburg are.
    Very open to any suggestion for the next May issue for the modest help that can come from my guide.

    Thanks again

    Gianluca Martorelli

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    I have a copy of Ready to Order at my apartment and it’s come in handy and gotten me to try some new spots. Hope to see more menus in the next issue.