Eagle: New Architect for 20 Henry Street


The Brooklyn Eagle reports on the latest in the 20 Henry Street saga:

Brooklyn Eagle: New Architect…: New permit applications have been filed with the Department of Buildings (DOB) for the renovation and conversion of a by now familiar building at 20 Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights, more familiarly known in the area as “the Candy Factory.”

And the documents indicate that a new architect has been hired for the job of converting the building. Joseph Pell Lombardi & Associates, a Manhattan-based firm that specializes in historic preservation, will be creating 14 condominium units in the seven-story, 82-foot-tall building, according to the approved DOB application.

Photo by epc

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  • nabeguy

    As much as I’m opposed to the proposed construction in the rear yard, I’m glad to see that something is finally being done with this building. It must have sucked for the people who were evicted over two years ago to see it sit fallow while the developers duked it out with the LPC. One omission from the article is that the 14 new units will be in the place of 43 old units…dem gonna be some giants spaces.
    At a purchase price of $19 mil (and probably another 2 in rehabbing), anybody care to venture a guess as to what each of them will go for? So much for my property values!

  • middaghman

    Yea so this conversion is going to require significantly more than 2 million in additional costs. The walls are pitching and last I heard they were going to build out the roof. Once again Massey Knakal has sucked developers dry (was recently flipped for ~7MM)…my bet is that they will have one hell of time getting out of this one – even if they can miraculously get financed.

  • HDEB

    Hey, someone knows how to use photoshop! You erased 27 stories of the 28 story building I live in. Granted its not the most aesthically pleasing building in the Heights but to erase it from a pic…c’mon. I’m happy to report that you can’t erase it from reality and I assume it will be there when I return home tonight

  • Jazzy

    HDEB – check your medication.

  • HDEB

    Its hard to not notice when the building you live in has been erased from a pic. I don’t find it particularly offensive, but I do find it humorous and notable. I’m unsure about what to make of Jazzy’s comment.

  • Sam

    Hopefully it will be restored and rehabbed before it burns and takes the half theblock with it. I am petrified that this old tinderbox (it is all wood inside) will catch on fire.

  • Jazzy

    hdeb – turn around.

  • epc

    The original photo is here: http://flickr.com/photos/epc/267178183/
    Not sure what you mean by photoshopping the building out, it just wasn’t in the frame of the shot.

  • HDEB

    Turn around to look at the parking lot that would be at my back if I were standing where this picture was taken? The green chain-link fence that was recently installed around it is okay.

  • hoppy

    Hdeb- The high rise portion of the building is set back some forty feet (and thus out of the picture frame) from the Henry Street edge of the low rise brick structure that can be seen in the photo. Go down to Middagh St. and see for yourself. You’ll feel much better. Happy Holidays.

  • HDEB

    I stand corrected, didn’t notice the set back of the hire rise portion of the building. Made for a fun thread. Yes, Happy Holidays!

  • ABC

    I think if you made 14 condos in old building and put parking in garden instead of new building, you’d make just as much money without the expense. Parking is pretty valuable now, esp if you’re selling family-sized apartments.

  • Billy

    I had the same thought. if you make 14 super deluxe condos with 14 parking spots that would make more money for the developers than a new building in the sideyard. The parking could be landscaped and could be really nice and preseve the open space. I think the block would be in favor of that as long as the parking was limited to 14 or so spaces.

  • middaghman

    abc & billy: 14 cars @ $100K per spot (maybe) = $1.4M less costs of grading etc. if these guys cant make more than $1.4M out of the new building, they would be in whatever business you guys do.

  • nabeguy

    $100 per spot? What are you parking, a Razor?