B’Paper Shouts Out Park Plaza


The Brooklyn Paper covers our borough's diners in this week's edition and shouts out own Park Plaza Restaurant

Brooklyn Paper: Diner Dash: Nick Likourentzos and his family have owned this diner near the Brooklyn Bridge for all of its 25 years, and he and his brother Dimitri know each of the regulars by name. Walking up and down the aisles, they greet their aging customers like family, checking in and making sure everything is perfect. My homemade lemon-coconut cake nearly was, layered with whipped cream and light enough that I could easily have ordered a second.

The Park Plaza looks like your grandparents’ house, strewn with potted plants and exposed wood. Its lone concessions to modernity were little televisions along some of the booths promising “Dinavision: Bringing you music videos, games, television, and more.”

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  • Evan

    I recently started going to this diner. It reminds me of the tacky diners out on Long Island where I grew up. But I must say the food taste and quality and prices are all excellent. I highly recommend it.

  • No One of Consequence

    Their rainbow cookies are the best, ever!
    All others are small, dry and not worth eating after you’ve had the Park Plaza’s rainbow cookies… big, moist and mmmm.
    I eat way too many.

    Everything else I’ve ever had there has been good, too.

  • No One of Consequence

    Come to think of it, I really shouldn’t tell you about the rainbow cookies, because then you’ll all buy them, they’ll sell out, and I won’t get any more.

    So, please, kindly disregard.

  • ABC

    I think this diner is a little too dirty, even for a diner.

  • Beavis

    Plaza is Mediocre at best. Clark St. diner rocks over Plaza. The burger at Clark St. diner is one of the best in Bklyn (strange but true).

  • the meowking

    clark st used to have a times article from the mid-90s behind the cash register that went into how the prosecution from mob trials went to clark’s for lunch, while the defense went to park plaza. perhaps it was the other way around.

    never had to chance to read the entire thing, and the article wasn’t put back up after clark’s reno. anyone have the story here?

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    While I love Clark’s (especially for breakfast), I’d have to go with Grand Canyon for burgers. Clark’s turkey burger is pretty amazing though!

  • Billy

    I like the Clark Street Diner. Comfort food. Some days when I know my wife is cranky and feeling like she’s fat and not in the mood to cook, I pop over there have a lovely burger or club sandwich and then just pretend I’m not hungry when I get home. Isn’t married life complicated?

  • hoppy

    Only went to PP once, for breakfast, and was far from impressed. Clark’s on the other hand is the “breakfast machine.”

  • joe

    I’ve never been to park plaza. Actually I saw it when I first moved to the nabe and promptly erased it from my brain since its at a strange local. Every time I walk by there and see the dinner I’m shocked a restaurant is located there.

    Clark’s I did try not once but three times and I have to say it is truly terrible food. Every time I walk by and see people eating there I say to myself, “I don’t get it”. My friend who lives a block away told me the attraction is the proximity. By their food I’d have to say he must be right.

  • epc

    I think Park Plaza has decent diner food. I go about once a week in the morning, it’s entertaining to listen to the lawyers and politicos. Is it Balthazar? No.

    Neighborhood restaurant criticism seems to boil down to:

    “I never ate there, I can’t see why anyone would eat there.”

    “That place has never been the same since Whitman stopped showing up.”

    “The food is too expensive, why can’t I get a decent steak for under ten bucks?”

    “A bar scene man! I want a bar scene! There just aren’t enough places to get plastered within walking distance of my dorm!”

    Could it be that BH’s collective dining expectations are just a tad too high? If residents don’t want to pay anything, their buildings charge an arm, a leg, and the left kidney in rent, they’re going to get the restaurants they’ve got.

  • babs

    I lived in Brooklyn Heights when Park Plaza opened — I guess that makes me one of their “aging customers,” except that I haven’t lived in the Heights since 1989…

  • Billy

    you sound like a pretentious idiot. We are talking about diners.
    On the other hand you may the owner of the competing diner, in which case, well done.

  • BHBabe

    Park Plaza has the best babyback ribs this side of the Mississippi. They’re also THE ONLY place that serves sweet potato fries anywhere between the Brooklyn Bridge & Atlantic Avenue!!! Their delivery is painfully slow, and often missing something you’ve ordered, but for dining in, I’ve never been disappointed here or at Clarks (though they’re so small, the wait for tables is usually too long for me).

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    BHBabe, the Henry Street Alehouse also serves sweet potato fries.

  • lifer

    waterfront alehouse also has sweet potato fries…..

  • me!

    I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere other than Clark’s. It’s possibly the best reason to get out of the house on a sunday morning.

  • duh

    the only problem is i have heard that park plaza has questionable labor practices

  • elle thomson

    clark is by far the best…and celeste is by far the worst

  • JL

    I really like the split pea soup at Clarke’s, pastries are good Park Plaza.

  • GHB

    Celeste? That shithole down Tilary?

  • joe


    Nope sorry to disappoint you, I don’t own any competing diner around here or afar but perhaps you own Clarks yourself since your getting your panties all in a knot. I believe what I was doing is expressing an opinion and the last time I checked I’m allowed to have one. Just because you disagree with my post doesn’t qualify me as a pretentious idiot. Far from being pretentious I happen to like diner food just not bad food. I’ve had far better diner food in NJ than around BH.

  • oreos

    Park plaza restaurant rules. Love their crab cakes, turkey burgers and rainbow cookies. Clark St is good too, but Park plaza has better service, nicer atmosphere, better food, and pleny of space. found them online too… http://www.parkplazarestaurant.com Couldnt find Clark St

  • H Fink, Jr

    that is great spam!

  • Travon

    I go to this restaurant regularly, and have yet to be unsatisfied with the expirience. My friend always begs me to go to the 34th Street diner b/c it’s in our borough, but I’ll stick with what I know is great. I usually get the french toast with beef sausage and home fries, and it’s the best I’ve had at any diner. Great food, great service, and great people. I just met one of the owners, Nick, yesterday– and he’s a really nice guy. Definitely recommend this to anyone.

  • http://www.celestediner.com www.celestediner.com

    The guy who says Celeste is the worst, Must Be doing something good because the other diners and delis Delivery boys keep on checking in Celeste diner windows to see if they are busy.. So Someone Is Hurting and it ain’t Celeste Diner..

    Celeste Diner is Known FOR fast Serves, When you Need To BE in court or work in 20mins..

    were happy to serve all of Brooklyn.. :)