Open Thread: Brooklyn Heights Best Coffee


The weather is cold and a warm cuppa joe is sounding really good right now.  Who makes the best coffee in the nabe? Discuss below!

Photo by rocksinablender via Flickr

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  • Shaky

    Starbucks still rules over all. I know, the truth hurts.

  • Henry-ette

    Noooo! I can’t stand that burnt taste of Starbucks coffee. My vote goes to Tazza.

  • bongo

    I do, obviously. Finest Kenyan coffee, from The Open Pantry, in the East Village. Hmmmmmmm.
    Leave that Starbucks floor sweeping well alone!

  • embee

    OK, not exactly in the nabe, but Almondine in Dumbo has coffee that’s worth the walk. (Not to mention the other treats)

  • BH resident

    I gotta say I like Tazza as well. Dunkin Donuts is the next best.

  • Arthur

    Busy Chef and the pastries are yummy. Chef is a master baker!

  • Jim

    Siggys has the best coffee in the hood, hands down. I only go to Starbucks for my fix on Tuesdays when Siggys is closed.

  • Evan

    Honest opinion? Dunkin Donuts.

  • LD

    Clark’s Restaurant has the best diner coffee I’ve ever had. And the best part — free refills!

  • nazimova

    Park Plaza.. old school Diner coffee AND free refills!!
    If you like it strong (real strong!!!) it’s definately Bubbys in Dumbo (altho I haven’t been there in about 6 mos)..

  • Daniel

    Tazza makes a pretty good cup! Their espresso drinks are ok, certainly better than Starbucks, but they need a better machine for their espresso and machiatto if Bk Heights is going to have a great coffee shop. Tazza’s food is surprisingly good.

    When I really need some good stuff, I jump on the B61 and head down to Baked in Red Hook.

  • Michael

    Lassen & Hennings brews a fine to-go cup if I’m near Montague (it needn’t be said how superior it is to the Starbucks next door), but agreed: Tazza wins it.

  • Heights97

    Another vote for Siggy’s. Not crazy about anything else there, but the coffee is excellent.

  • joe

    Nothing great around here but I guess I would vote L&H or Tazza. If I ventured a little further, Almondine is ok and the starbucks in dumbo is surprisingly good and loads better than the other locations (and I don’t even like starbucks coffee). . Baked has really great coffee and every time I go to fairway I stop by for coffee and some treats.

  • 5w30

    Lassen + Hennigs for consistently good and fresh coffee.
    Just one of the best old-school delis around. The vibe is perfect, and the butter cookies are the best.
    Both BH Starbucks are low on the scale [Montague next to L+H, Court across from Boro Hall]

  • mona

    Lassen and Hennigs sucks. Starbucks sucks. Tazza is good. Almondine is great, but it’s in Dumbo so perhaps it can’t be included.

  • BHBabe

    The only good thing about Lassen is ….. wait, now that Abdul & other regular employees are gone, I can’t think of anything! It’s the same food for 20 years already, the guys behind the counter are always preparing phone orders instead of helping the people in front of them, the lines at lunch are ridiculous. If it wasn’t for Julie’s awesome baked goods, there’d be no reason to go there… between Tazza, Montague Bagels & Connecticut Muffin everything is available elsewhere!

  • BHBabe

    Not about coffee … but did anyone else notice that the sign on the old Green’s restaurant now says Vietnamese Grill?? Only it doesn’t — it says Virtnamese Grill. Whatever.

  • GHB

    Yeah…so? They serve food from Virtnam…

  • Cranky

    Dunkin Donuts coffee is my favorite. They have a new flavor – Vanilla Spice…yum. I like the little DD on Court Street. You always have to wait but I find it entertaining to watch the Indian lady (manager) yell stuff at the staff in a foreign language. (weird sense of humor – oh well).

  • Jen

    The guys at Connecticut Muffin aren’t the nicest to me (and I can’t figure out why) but they do serve some good coffee.

  • JGirl

    Arthur –

    You’re kidding…right?

  • Arthur

    No, the Busy Chef is a blessing to the neighborhood. May it be there for 1000 years!

  • ABC

    why are the guys at CT Muffin so mean?

  • GHB

    ABC, you’re right! That little guy is so nasty. He’ll actually disparage a customer as a result of misunderstanding something the customer said in English. I’ve had to repeat things to him and he gets so %$#in’ testy

  • coffee snob

    The only good coffee in the neighborhood is the cart guy outside rite-aid until 11 am on weekdays. Everything else is horrible and makes me want to cry. But that’s what you get when there are no real coffee shops in the entire neighborhood.

  • HDEB

    Uncommon grounds on the corner of Henry st and Cranberry had yummy coffee for the short time it was open. Maybe they’ll serve the same coffee if the renovation (which looks nice btw) is ever done. B’klyn Heights needs a local coffee shop!

  • Arthur

    HDEB – Let’s hope the new UCG rocks the BH!

  • cranberry

    honestly arthur, if you’re being sarcastic about busy chef and “UCG” then you are funny, if you’re serious, then you work there.

  • Arthur

    I fail to see why everyone is so negative about the BC and the UCG here. Maybe it’s because you can’t be a master baker or wine expert like the Chef is. Too bad. You’re missing out on some delicious food.