Le Petit Marche Gets Facelift


Nabe blogger epc posted this photo on Flickr this morning of workers modifying the facade of Le Petite Marche on Henry Street.  Could this be this be the renovation mentioned by "Don Fanucci" on January 10 under "Henry Street Woes" on BHB?

Don Fanucci said: "P.S. Petit Marche has gone the extra mile and will be installing a turn of the century storefront that will be the toast of the neighborhood."

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  • joe

    I’ve eaten there twice. Absolutely FANTASTIC. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

  • Mary

    Anyone figure out how useful the bldg on the corner of Henry and Cranberry is. Strange space and I seldom see activity.

  • Don Fanucci

    epc – patience is a virture and Rome was truly not built in one day. Today is March 27 and I just returned to the country to find a beautiful store front installed. I hope that with the same vim and vigor you posted your first picture you will also justly post a picture of the completed project. Best regards, Don Fanucci

  • joe

    The joke of the neighborhood, Aficionado and Food Maestro, are unfortunately here to stay. It’s the same owners making the same mistakes. Intentional? Yes, most likely, and now quite obvious money-laundering facilities. When will it end?