Last Gasp for Riverside Apartments Parking Lot?

A BHB tipster informs us that the  NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal has denied the Pinnacle Group’s appeal to reopen the case for a parking lot in the Riverside Apartments’ courtyard.  Basically, he reports that the landlord was attempting to “restore retro-active tenant rents without making any improvements or restoration to the courtyard.”

Pinnacle’s reps still have one day to file an appeal.  The landlord lost a similar appeal back in May of a July 2009 DHCR ruling.

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  • ashton

    I am new to this contretemps. Most people would love to have the convenience of parking in their building? No?
    Parking is not welcome in this particular building because why? are people afraid it would raise their rents? But how? I mean if you own a car you pay to park it, if not, you are off the hook.
    I agree that it is far better and cheaper not to have to keep a car. How wonderful to be able to ride a bicycle wherever you need to go. But alas some of us need a car for various reasons.

  • nabeguy

    Good luck with that alternative BHA group of yours, ashton. After a post like that, I’d keep my nose on high alert for the smell of tar and a sharp eye out for people with down pillows.

  • ashton

    oh nabeguy, you are so clever. I acutally thought you were a man until I saw your photo the other day, funny to throw people off with the “guy” moniker.

  • nabeguy

    ashton, the blog provides links to associated posts relating to the issue. Instead of qualifying your statements by admitting ignorance of the subject, use the tools at your disposal to educate yourself before making statements that are not only irrelevant to the situation, but only make you look even more ignorant than you admit to. At 54, I shouldn’t have to be schooling someone like you on how to use the Internet, should I?

  • nabeguy

    And thanks for reminding me…I’m overdue for a haircut.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I know the nabeguy, nabeguy is a friend of mine, believe me nabeguy is a guy.

    Anyone looking at nabeguy’s biceps via the Brooklyn Bridge tattoo photo, posted on the BHB, would know that he is all male.

    Actually, after closer inspection, maybe there is a wee bit room for debate but I assure you he is a male.)

    Just kidding nabeguy.

    Sorry wrong picture. Here is the correct picture:

  • Heather Quinlan

    Ashton and nabeguy — stop it, you’re both gorgeous.