R.I.P. Martin Schneider, Brooklyn Heights Preservation Pioneer

We are greatly saddened to learn, thanks to the Brooklyn Heights Association, of the passing of Martin Schneider. Marty, a TV producer and Heights resident, was, along with Otis and Nancy Pearsall and others, a strong participant in the battles to save Brooklyn Heights, first from plans to put the BQE through the Heights, then to stop Robert Moses from building a monolithic high rise along the east side of Henry Street from Middagh to Clark, that would block morning sun and invite only transient renters. He was a regular reader of, and commenter on, BHB. He joined with another BHB regular, Karl Junkersfeld, to produce a video about the struggle to preserve the Heights.

Photo: courtesy Bettina Schneider Stuart

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Another body blow for me and my relationship with Brooklyn Heights in the last few days. First my man, Jim “The Mayor”, and now a true gentleman and dedicated Heightster, Martin S. I mentioned in my post about the loss of Cranberry’and now Martin how ephemeral life is to my dismay. Would love to go back 10 years in time and have Homer, Martin and others with us along with leaders like Bloomberg, Markowitz, Squadron, Judy, Regina et al. My enthusiasm for Brooklyn Heights was off the charts. Things change and I will just have to roll with the punches and adapt. Will miss you Martin and savor my relationship with one of the truly great ones.

  • A Neighbor

    Martin was one of the greats. A gentleman and a scholar, he cared deeply about right and wrong, misguided public policies, literature, the arts – and Brooklyn Heights. An active BHA board member for many years, he was both a watchdog and an outspoken advocate, mobilizing local residents – with his writing and wide circle of friends – to rethink projects, like the BQE repair and the sale of the library, that threatened the life of the community. Martin was, above all, a kind man, full of good humor, and much loved.

  • HeightsEnthusiast

    Echoing the comments above… Martin’s devoted efforts on our neighborhood’s behalf – over decades and decades – have helped shape Brooklyn Heights into the wonderful place we all treasure today.He was dearly loved by his many friends from all over.I always loved his “Let’s do this!” attitude. He will be missed!

  • francesco

    Martin was a regular during the years we operated in Brooklyn Heights, always asking about Italy because spent time in the country when he was younger. Always funny, always placing the right suggestion or critique. Thank you Maestro, you’ll be missed, I’m very sad you won’t come to the new SOCIALE, but I’m glad you’ll smile at us from the sky !