Suerte Inks Nabeguy with Brooklyn Bridge Tattoo


Karl Junkersfeld photo

BHB community member “Nabeguy” gives us the why and how on his decision to get inked by our pal Adam Suerte of Brooklyn Tattoo who offered $27 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos this weekend in celebration of the span’s 127th anniversary:

So, what drives a man of 54 to decide to get his first tattoo? A mid-life crisis? A desperate attempt to remain “relevant”? A way of bonding with his kids? Well, for me, it was a little bit of all these things, but mostly it was the fact that Mr. Adam Suerte, co-owner and master artist of Brooklyn Tattoo, came up with an offer that even I, at my advanced age, couldn’t resist. In honor of the 127th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge, his shop ran a special promotion of tattoos for $27 each. Lest you think I did this for penury motives, the real kicker was the tattoo itself, the Brooklyn Bridge. Having grown up in its shadow, the bridge is, for me, the perfect symbol of my undying devotion to my Brooklyn roots, and what better way to put that devotion on display than with a tattoo? As I couldn’t make it the day of the promotion, Adam was gracious enough to allow me a private session and, knowing my love of the bridge, even came up with a unique design. Short of pulling a Brody, I can’t think of a better way to honor and celebrate the Bridge. Thanks Adam!

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  • AEB

    Mazel tov! Do you think Mr. Suerte would do one for me of…yes…Great Wall? On the inside of my right knee, of course!

  • michael


  • nabeguy

    It just occurred to me that I should have had Karl pose me in front of the bridge view that I get from my backyard.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, not a bad idea. They could do a whole Brooklyn Heights landmark series…Great Wall, Fascati’s, Armando’s lobster. Heck, they could even go retro and do Club Wildfyre or Bohacks.

  • ashton


  • nabeguy

    ashton, given that my daugther thought it was the coolest thing I’ve done, what’s gross about it?

  • ashton

    nabeguy, I just don’t like tattoos. maybe it’s the Puritan in me.
    if it raises your stock w/ your daughter, then fine, enjoy.

  • my2cents

    nabeguy, you’ve outdone yourself!

  • nabeguy

    Forget Puritanism, ashton. You should convert to Judaism if you don’t like tattoos.

  • hoppy

    Since you got a tattoo there, you really need to work on those deltoids!

  • Doug Biviano

    Good stuff Nabeguy! Tell you what. If I win the 52nd Assembly seat this year, wife willing, I’ll take the Brooklyn Bridge plunge too with master artist Adam Suerte. As it is, I’m 41 and 100% tattoo free.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    My man nabeguy got his muscles where they matter most, his brain.

    You the man, nabe.

  • nabeguy

    My next mission, hoppy. By the time I get done, my tattoo will look like the Verrazano. And Doug, if you win, you’ll have to add the Manhattan Bridge as well.

  • shamrock

    Nice ink nabeguy, can’t think of a greater inspiration if you’re from Brooklyn!

  • val

    nabeguy, looking good!

  • davoyager

    nice too guy

  • Monie

    OooooH…I wish you hadn’t. I am not a Puritan but tattoos still seem sort of, well, as the French say, “Je cherche le mot…” But that’s just me, and if it makes you happy, that’s what counts. My Dad, a Texan, had one, gotten in the 1920s, (a cowgirl’s face, not the Bridge) and it always made me sort of uncomfortable to look at. But everyone to his own taste, so enjoy!

  • Paul



    [Having trouble posting….]

  • John Wentling

    Looking good!!

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    It looks great, Nabeguy.

  • John

    Cool tattoo Nabeguy !

  • Topham Beauclerk

    In some circles, I believe, a tattoo is known as a tramp stamp. Not at all the done thing.

  • bklyncurls

    a tramp stamp is a tattoo on the lower back, not just any tattoo

  • funkeemunkeemel

    I was at the brooklyn tattoos shop on Sunday… Not being a brooklyner I wasnt there to get a tattoo (just to supprot my girlfriend who did & the shop)… I am waiting for Willie, Adam’s partner to celebrate his Manhattan roots!
    BTW knocking a tattoo and the person who gets tattooed in like knocking any art form and the artist…. To each his own, it’s not for you; but it’s also not a bad thing…


  • nabeguy

    ashton, let me try to build a bridge between us by saying that my Puritan crack was just that…a crack. I had my personal reasons for getting a tattoo and you have your personal reasons for not liking them…and I’m guessing that your mother probably hated your fathers cowgirl tattoo a lot more than you did!