BHPC Seeks Help for Chapin Playground Cleanup

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

The Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee is planning a clean-up event for the Harry Chapin Playground, on Columbia Heights north of Cranberry Street, this Thursday evening, May 27, beginning at 6:00. Parents of children who enjoy playing there are invited to “BYOB&B” (bring your own beverage and broom) and help “[r]efill the sandbox, sweep the playground and remove broken toys”. The rain date is Friday, May 28.

BHPC also seeks donations to support its programs, including the free summer arts and science program at Pierrepont Playground. A gift of $100 or more gets you recognition as a Friend of the Playgrounds, but donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. You may give through the BHPC website, or by mail to The Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee, 22 Willow Street, Brooklyn NY 11201.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Whenever they put a new load of sand in the sandbox, within a few weeks the kids have moved it to everywhere else in the playground, and Middagh Street ends up looking like a street in the beach bungalow colonies of the Rockaways, 50 years ago.

    And what’s with the basketball hoop outside the park, attached to the fence on Middagh Street? I’ve never ever seen anyone use this. I’d guess the residents of the carriage house next door are really delighted to have this amenity next door.

  • Mr. Eslplanade

    Nice idea, but is there a Parks Dept any more? Do we pay lots of taxes in this city? Why do working folks have to clean parks?

  • James

    The basketball hoop on Middagh Street gets very regular use. I see it in use most weekend days when I’m at the playground with my kid.

  • Heightsman

    The hoop is owned by the family in the carriage house not the park. They do enjoy it. You only need to look at the hundreds of dollars in abandoned outdoor toys in HC Park to know that the neighborhood ain’t hurtin…..

  • Andrew Porter

    I went by this afternoon, and the sandbox hadn’t been refilled. However, there was an enormous pile of plastic bags marked “play sand” just outside the entrance to the playground. What gives?