Riverside Landlord Loses Garage Appeal

Last July, we reported that the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal had turned down the application of Pinnacle Group, Inc. landlord of the historic Riverside Apartments on Columbia Place, to build an underground parking garage between the apartment buildings and the BQE. Construction of this garage would require removal of mature trees that shade the courtyard and shield the west-facing apartments from noise and pollution from the BQE. Pinnacle filed a petition for administrative review of the initial DHCR ruling, but last week Leslie Torres, Deputy Commissioner of the DHRC, issued an order and opinion denying Pinnacle’s petition.

Pinnacle still may further appeal this decision, but the residents of Riverside are grateful to have reached this stage. In particular, they thank the Brooklyn Heights Association for its support, especially for enlisting renowned Brooklyn architectural historian Francis Morrone to write a paper in support of the tenants’ position.

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  • milton

    I really did not think a public garage, well built and designed, in that ugly, dusty courtyard would be such a bad thing. I know the rent-regulated tenants are afraid that the garage would somehow make their building more desirable and therefore raise their rents somehow, but I tend to think it is just bad blood between the renters and the landlord. Alas those of us honest citizens who could have used a public garage now and then for ourselves or for our guests just lose out. Did the BHA take a poll of how their members feel about a new public garage or were they just making the decision for the rest of us? Just asking really.

  • william

    Milton, there is already a Quik Park indoor parking lot on Furman Street just south of Joralemon just waiting for you and your friends to use now. There is no reason to fret, or wait.

  • Andrew Porter

    Milton, there is a disused Dept of Sanitation garage under the BQE, on the south side of Joralemon where it passes under the BQE. Perhaps the landlords who have been making the lives of their tenants a living hell for so long should contact the city and build their garage there.