Open Thread Wednesday 6/17/09

BHB Photo Club pic by brianwferry via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by brianwferry via Flickr

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  • Pierrepont

    Intrigue! I smell intrigue!

    “Pizzagate,” here we come!

  • bklynchick

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a dry cleaner in the neighborhood where I can take my wedding dress to be cleaned and possibly preserved? I don’t want to spend a fortune to go one of those fancy places in Manhattan but I do worry about taking it to the wrong place and ruining the dress.

  • nabeguy

    So much for free-market capitalism. Can’t beat your competition? No problem, get the cops to do it for you.

  • paul

    why on earth don’t the churchgoers who park in the bike lane every sunday morning get tickets?

  • josh

    Amen to that Paul

  • doesntmatter

    Just because icy lady sells stuff on the street and is an immigrant we assume she does not pay taxes??

  • towed

    Does anyone know if you have a recourse for an incorrectly towed car where the judge dismissed all the charges and threw out the ticket? Even NYPD tow truck drivers admitted the car should never have been towed. On top of that they entered the license plate incorrectly so that the car never showed up in their inventory and was reported stolen. It was a week worth of hassle, time taken off from work and money spent on cabs, etc. I would like to get some of that back especially since their was not even an apology but real bad attitude instead aka guilty until proven innocent.

  • nabeguy

    Paul, it’s called separation of church and state. When Bloomburg tried to raise revenue by extending parking meter rules to include Sunday’s, he had his head handed to him by every church leader in the city. “Illegal” parking in and around churches on Sunday has been an established norm long before the advent of bike lanes, so there’s no point in now trying to put the cart before the horse. Ask the mayor, as I’m sure he’d be glad to school you on what your up against when confronting this issue. It’s one of the very few that he’s backed down from during his tenure.

  • Sticky

    Bloomberg is the REASON why we have term limits. There is no need for his ego to attempt to change it. End of rant.

    Though I wish I had seen the lady screaming at dog owners. That is classic. Looks like I have to borrow a dog.

    Coleman cleaners does good work.

    People is bike lanes will never get tickets because how else will the police get their pizza at fascati!?

  • LS

    I’ve raised that question before about church goers parking illegally, but got no answer. I’ve seen fire trucks easing their way through very slowly with their sirens on because the streets were so narrow. They can’t get to an emergency quickly. This is the reason for only one side parking in the neighborhood…the narrow streets.

    Parking meters are one thing but fire zone parking is another. It’s an unneccessary danger to the community to allow this illegal parking.

    The drivers don’t even bother looking for a legal spot anymore. I have seen drivers just park illegally when there are legal spots down the block.

    A sign on their windshield stating that they are in church should not serve as a plague that government employees use and often take advantage of to park illegally.

  • bornhere

    Um … just when you thought you were safe, sort of ….