Racket on Hunts Lane

Sometimes people just need to let it out as in “vent”.  This just in from the BHB Inbox:

As a frequent BHB reader, I would suggest you guys go down to Hunts Lane, especially in the morning (around 730/745) and sometimes into the 7pm hour…and also on weekends.

The construction/remodeling of two carriage houses are disgraceful.  Contractors vehicles are illegally park in the street, noise commences early and goes on into the evening, workmen throw their lunchs, coffeecups, and bottles into other people’s trash cans…and by 12 Hunts Lane, they had ConEd rip up the street for 2 days for an electrical problem and dis a pisspoor job at repaving.

Sometimes, the trucks/vans block Sanitation from being able to go down the street and collect garbage.

The 2 apartment buildings that are at the intersection of Hunts and Henry consistently put their trash and recycling out before the allowable hours, even on Sundays.

311 calls do not remedy the situation as they are non-emergency.

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  • bklyn20

    There ARe rukles about hours for construction.. I think it’s 7:00 am — 6:oo pm during the week. Also, it is VERY difficult to get a Saturday permit, and a Sunday permit is issued only when the building is in danger of falling down on someone, etc.

    Look at their landmarks permit — name of building owner/construction contact etc should be listed — call them. Maybe do this at night with a flashlight if you’re worried about retaliation!

    Try a Dept of Buildings complaint, but the agency is VERY overburdened, so try other things as well. Call Councilman Yassky’s office, 875-5200, and state your case calmly and factually.

    This happened across the street from me a few years ago — a carriage house conversion, which is THE WORST because of all the ground/concrete breakup involved. When I called the new owners, they had no idea noisy weekend work was being don, and had the contractor stop it immediately — they didn’t want to alienate their new neighbors before they’d even moved in. I hope the owenrs on Hunt’s Lane are as considerate.

  • C-berry

    further… the same shotty paving has been done at the corner of Cranberry and Henry outside the newly re-opened BH Wine Bar. After all the work to re-pave last summer the corner’s pavement was torn up and horribly redone recently.

    with all the permits needed to do work in a landmark area, you might think the streets would garner the same attention.

  • nabeguy

    As well as SW the corner of Henry and Middagh. I posted about this last week, as no one seems to know exactly which city agency is performing the work. It appears to be sewage and main work, which I believe is under the DEP auspices, but I might be wrong. They’re tearing up both the asphalt AND the sidewalks and filling the trenches in with loose-pack asphalt, which will stay intact for all of a month or so. Why all the sudden attention to the sewage system?

  • ABC

    I actually asked the guys doing the work on Henry/Joralemon who they worked for. “Nobody”. “Yeah, I get it, okay, but what agency is doing this? Con Ed? The city? There’s nothing on your trucks. Where are you from.” “The Bronx” (lots of snickering)

    The work that is being done all over these corners are especially crappy, right? Give me a shovel, some asphalt, and $25,000 and I could do better.

  • Homer Fink
  • ABC

    I assumed it was related to the project HF refers to, but it’s such an especially crappy job, I was wondering who was doing the work. Who are these people in unmarked trucks, anyway? It seems it’s been subed out — I was hoping to find out to WHOM so I could complain.

  • PJL

    The 311 website is useful for lodging complaints. The Dept. of Highways (I believe) is usually pretty responsive and will send an inspector.

  • bornhere

    Am I missing the fact that construction, a la the last 2 months, is still going on in Hunts Lane????? I have seen none of the hardhat, “wanna-run-the-gauntlet-baby” guys for weeks.

  • bklyn20

    Is the terrible construction racket still going on at Hunt’s Lane?
    Sorry for all the typos in my earlier post — I’m always typing in a rush while I attempt to remain (somewhat) gainfully) employed. I don’t walk down Henry that much, and wondered if the situation had been resolved.

  • nabeguy

    Homer, I checked those links but still can’t figure out how either one of these initiatives applies to this situation. In the case of the SW corner of Middagh and Henry, why would money be spent/wasted on removing pipes to allow for the construction of curb-cuts on a corner that already has them? I’m not trying to sound like Jim Garrison or anything, but something doesn’t make sense here.