Open Thread Wednesday 6/17/09

BHB Photo Club pic by brianwferry via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by brianwferry via Flickr

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  • Alex Bickel

    There has been one woman in our neighborhood that has made it her personal mission to run all dogs out of Cadman Plaza. She has taken to doing laps around the turf, marking her territory, shouting obscenities at law abiding dog owners, calling us all F-ing Dog Pigs! This is inappropriate. It is a public park. If I had children, I’d be upset.

    In the hopes that she would visit this site to stay in touch with her community, I thought I’d post the law about dogs in city parks, to clear up any confusion she may have. It is my hope, that the harassment will stop. Cadman plaza is a beautiful park, we all want to keep it that way. Our law abiding dog owners have the same right to enjoy it as you, dog pig lady, at least between the hours of 9PM and 9AM.

    the written law about dogs:

    §1-04 Prohibited Uses (i)
    Unless specifically prohibited herein or by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (“DOHMH”), properly licensed dogs wearing a license tag and vaccinated against rabies pursuant to the laws of the State of New York and City of New York may be unleashed within a designated park or designated portions of a park between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. under the following conditions:

    such dogs shall, except for being unleashed, be kept under the control of their owner and shall not at any time harass or injure any park patron and/or, harass, injure, damage, sever, mutilate, or kill any animal, tree, planting, flower, shrub or other vegetation;
    such dogs shall not at any time enter any playground, zoo, swimming pool and swimming pool facility, bathing area and adjacent bathing beach (unless otherwise permitted by the Commissioner and not during the designated bathing season), bridle path (unless leashed dogs are permitted therein by the Commissioner), fountain, ballfield, basketball court, handball court, tennis court, or other area prohibited by the Commissioner;
    such dogs shall be immediately leashed by their owners upon any direction or command of any Police Officer, Urban Park Ranger, Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer or other Department employee or employee of the DOHMH, the refusal of which direction or command shall constitute a violation of § 1-03(c);
    owners of such dogs shall provide proof of current vaccination against rabies and proof of current licensing upon the request of any Police Officer, Urban Park Ranger, Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer or other Department employee or employee of the DOHMH, the refusal of which shall constitute a violation of § 1-03(c), § 1-05(s)(3) and of this subdivision.

  • The Where

    Alex – this post is nothing without a nice video of this person doing her thing.

  • AEB

    Alex, she’s obviously…troubled. Would reporting her behavior to the local constabulary–she IS indulging in a form of harassment–be in order?

    Perhaps others who have been similarly attacked can do this as well.

    The park is, after all, a key spot for kids.

  • GHB

    Wow! Haven’t run into her yet. Sounds like she could use a good smack!

    Anyway… is it just me, or are the political workers who are annoying commuters outside the Clark Street station (and on the platform) pissing you off? Are you a Democrat? Do you live nearby? Sign this petition. EAT ME!!!!

  • Jazz

    Not half as annoying as the public school kids on a class trip today. Take the bus!

  • LaChandra

    GHB- I completely agree with you. I signed the petition the first day they were out and I’m still getting asked if I’m a democrat. Leave me alone!

  • anon

    Does anyone know what was up with the woman who sells ices outside PS 8 yesterday? I saw her surrounded by cops across the street from the firehouse on Middagh, and they seemed to be loading her cart onto their van.

  • AliG

    Anyone else hear the commotion caused by the “Boy Wonder” film crew at ZERO DARK THIRTY this morning on Remsen?? Hello….are they allowed to do that at 6am?

  • GHB

    No, but I saw them filming on the Promenade around 8:00 this morning.

  • Monty

    @GHB, I think they may be related to Doug Biviano’s campaign. Just tell them you are a Jehovah’s Witness and hence not allowed to vote.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Shameless Plugs:

    1) June 20 is the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island 2pm. A Brooklyn tradition. I’ll be marching with the Superfine Dinettes from Dumbo, who inspired the characters in my picture book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE. Come cheer on your home girls.

    Or, come to the Mermaid AFTER PARTY 8pm at Superfine 126 Front Street Dumbo Brooklyn 718 243-9005. l’ll be signing my book, MERMAIDS ON PARADE at the party.

    The Dinettes perform, video screeings of Saturday’s festive events and past Mermaid Parades. DJ’s spinning, delicious food, bar, free pool table. Superfine is currently exhibitng Coney Island photos, “Mermaids by the Sea” by Steven Harris (official opening June 16th 6- 9pm).

    2) Sunday June 21 7th Heaven Fair 3:30-4pm Book Reading *Community Book Store* 143 7Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn. There’s a great line up from Brooklyn’s treasure trove of picture book authors and illustrators reading and signing their books from 11am to 4 pm.

  • AEB

    Are you sure, Monty?

    I thought Jehovah’s Witnesses could vote, but only in months with a R…..

  • John

    F. Y. I . for anyone expecting fireworks this year for July 4th.
    MACY’S has move their show to the Hudson River !

  • Matthew Parker

    A clarification of the law regarding dogs in Cadman Plaza Park:

    1) Dogs are never allowed on ball fields (either leashed or unleashed). This means dogs are never allowed on the astroturf at Cadman, which is designated as a ballfield.

    2) The 9pm-9am off-leash rule only applies to the portion of the park that’s referred to by the Parks Department as “Brooklyn War Memorial”. This is the area on the north side of the War Memorial building. Dogs are never allowed off-leash in the south end of Cadman Plaza Park, which includes all of the area around . A few years ago, dogs could run offleash between 9pm – 9am in all of the park, but that changed in 2007.

    There’s a list of all the designated off-leash areas and designated enclosed dog runs here:

  • Jerry

    @ GHB & LaChandra: While the repetition can perhaps be a bit annoying, the reality is that petitioning is how democracy works in this city. Candidates who want to be on the ballot need to get a certain number of signatures of registered voters by July or they can’t be on the ballot. To get those signatures they need to ask people to sign their petitions. It’s not like politely declining is a huge burden, but if it bothers you that much and you can’t fathom sucking it up for freedom’s sake maybe a move to North Korea would do you some good…

  • Wilson

    As someone affiliated with the Biviano campaign, I can’t help but send a chuckling “Amen!” Jerry’s way.

    To build on Melanie’s shameless plugs, tomorrow night and Friday from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. stop by the Biviano headquarters at 89 Montague Street (corner of Hicks, in the old Blue Rose space) to meet and greet the candidate. Good chance to learn more about one of the 7 candidates vying for the 33rd District. It’s family-friendly, so bring the kids. Refreshments will be served. You can RSVP to me at (978) 578 2786, or just stop by!

  • Pierrepont

    Here’s a stat for you: “Rain has fallen on 13 of the first 16 days this month.”

    Or: “Total rainfall for the month through June 16 is 5.32 inches, which is 3.27 inches above normal thus far.”

    Or try: “Through June 16, the average monthly temperature is 65.1 degrees — 4.3 degrees below normal.”

    I know sizzling summer will probably get here eventually, but is anyone else getting the sense that we may have mysteriously traded weather patterns with Portland or Seattle?

  • Pierrepont

    Oops! Forgot to source those quotes:

    NOAA Public Information Statement as of 4:23PM EDT on June 17, 2009.

  • hoppy

    The annoying green petitions are a product of the N.Y.S. Election Law, which was written and passed, of course, by incumbent legislators. It’s hard not to presume that those already in power would be quick to develop a system where potential challengers would have to jump through hoops such as collecting hundreds/thousands of signatures in order to get on the ballot, which almost inevitably leads to a court action to invalidate the petition, thus requiring the challenger to retain an attorney to defend his candidacy. Democracy indeed.

  • nobody

    @ Matthew: Technically speaking the only part that is labeled Brooklyn War Memorial is the building itself. The rest of the park is labeled at all entrances as Cadman Plaza. I checked at one point when I wanted to get to the bottom of that. The off-leash signs do not clearly identify where the boundaries for the off-leash area are as they face any possible direction.

    Totally agree on the ballfield with you.

  • ls

    I heard on the news that Seattle hasnt had rain in the last 28 days. Source may be nbc news.

  • endeavorm

    “Icy Lady” a huge hit with the kids was arrested and handcuffed in front of children at PS8 yesterday. She has been a staple there for years. According to the cops on the scene, who called for backup as she pleaded on her knees not to be arrested, a local restaurant , rumored to be Frascati’s Pizzaria, called them as she was supposedly impacting their business.

    Seems to me the 84th precinct has its priorities all wrong and arresting a 5 foot nothing immigrant for selling $1 Italian ices to kids should not be one of them. A couple of weeks ago cops were ticketing parents parked outside PS8 trying to pickup their kids after school.

    I would like to see this blog follow-up on this and get some reaction from the precinct.

  • John

    why was Ice Lady arrested ? was she not legally in this country?
    she was pretty harmless it’s obvious someone drop the dime on her.

  • hoppy

    Maybe MeMe Roth was behind the arrest.

  • GHB

    Jeez Jerry, lighten the f*** up!

  • anon

    That’s too bad about the ice lady. She’s really sweet with the kids. A lot of the children outside PS 8 were talking about it yesterday–such a nice way to introduce young children to the role of the police department in their lives.

    Meanwhile, Frascati’s charges $2.50 for ices. I don’t think we’ll be going there again.

  • Bart

    The difference between the Ice Lady and Frascati’s is that Frascati’s pays taxes.

  • josh

    hmmm… maybe it’s because Fascati’s has to pay rent…

  • The Where

    True on Fascati rent and taxes Bart and Josh. What I find hi-larious here is that the same parents who are freaking out about soccer and dog poo will allow a rogue vendor, unregulated by the DOH, to sell ices to for their precious spawn’s consumption. So food poisoning is OK if you have a buck?

  • Monty

    Not to spread innuendo, but Fascati is a favorite lunch spot for cops and they always get priority service over civilians. I would hate to find out that this was a “favor”.