More info about street improvements

We just got this colorful, incredibly helpful two-page brochure from the Department of Design and Construction, which is overseeing the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Project that we’ve been writing about this week. Download the PDF document here to learn more about what and where street reconstruction work is happening.

If you have questions or complaints about the work, or to be added to the project e-mail list, contact the community construction liaison, Thomas McCarley, at (718) 797-1151 or, or visit him at 50 Court St., Suite 508.

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  • bklnman

    where r the speed bumps?

  • Andrew Porter

    Tried to download the pdf and it crashed my browser.

  • Andrew Porter

    Examined the pdf (thanks, SP, for the download!) and there are calming things due for the north Heights that I can’t figure out. Recently I realized that the “School Crossing” painted on the street at the Pineapple/Henry intersection means that someone in DOT thinks the St. George dorms are a school, not a student residence.