Montague Street Getting Nicer Pits


This just in from Chelsea Mauldin of the Montague BID:

Contractors from the Parks Department are on Montague Street now, working on our tree pits. Back in late April, they scored the sidewalks; today they’re resizing the pits and adding topsoil and mulch. Then they’ll come back out — this month, we believe — to install our new iron tree-pit guards.


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  • GHB

    Nice! If only Montague could attract some retailers…

  • nabeguy

    Yeah, the retail is truly the pits…(sorry, I had to!).

  • John

    the old pits stunk !

  • hicks resident

    Hmm, how come they are installing tree-pit guards there but did not do so on our block after improving our tree pits earlier this year? we planted some flowers but they just got trampled. Off to home depot, I guess …

  • another jen

    yay! we got new ones on hicks already. it looks very nice.