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Comedy Troupe Dinner For One Offers Pithy Parody Of ‘It-Girl(s)’ Lena Dunham

And now, the video! NYC sketch comedy troupe Dinner For One (a.k.a. dfor1.com) paraded a robot along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade January 18, and revealed to BHB they were filming an other-worldly take on HBO’s “Girls,” starring Brooklyn Heights’ Lena Dunham, a member of the BHB Ten 2012. The guys, who comprise New York-based graduates […]

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MLK & Inauguration Day—And A Christmas Tree?

The annual Christmas tree that has festively lighted the Brooklyn Heights Promenade’s Montague Street entrance for 63 years is still standing – on January 21. According to tradition, January 6—the day of Epiphany or Twelfth Night, is the last day for ol’ tannenbaums.

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Hazy Shade Of Winter

With temperatures in the mid 50s and light rain on the way, fog has rolled in for the second morning in a row, erasing Manhattan from the landscape. Here’s the view from the Pierrepont entrance to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at 8 a.m. Monday, as the persistent sound of fog horns pervade the harbor. (Photo: […]

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Thousand-Dollar Pooch Poop Fine Sign Is… A Fraud!

After reporting on BHB December 14 that signs had suddenly appeared on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade mandating an exorbitant and sudden escalation of a $1,000 fine for failing to scoop your pooch’s poop, it turns out… the signs are phony! News 12 Brooklyn shares that Department of Sanitation officials say the wrong health logo is […]

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Hello, Holly! Meet Brooklyn Heights Official 2012 Christmas Tree

The tradition of a Promenade Christmas Tree goes back to before there was an actual Promenade. Some 63 years later, it continues to be a Brooklyn Heights tradition. Here is 2012’s official tree, standing tall and proud with hundreds of colorful lights at the Montague Street entrance to the Heights Promenade. (Photo: CT)

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The Scoop On Poop: Fines Escalate To $1,000 Max

When NYC’s first pooper-scooper fines were established in 1978 by the Parks Department, they were set between $50-$100. In 2009, fines were raised to $250—and earlier this year, to $500. Now, signs have appeared on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade setting a new max of $1,000. For the sake of context, a Class B misdemeanor—like selling […]

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Here We Go Again: All Public Parks Close Wed At Noon

Remember that yellow police tape that was strewn across the entrance to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade last week? Here we go again. The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation has announced that “due to the storm in the New York area, all New York City parks, playgrounds and beaches will be closed from […]

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The Thin Line Between Light & Darkness

After four nights shrouded in darkness following Hurricane Sandy, Con Edison reports that power has been restored to much of the Lower East Side and East Village and parts of Chelsea. But Battery Park and the Wall Street area remain without electricity. The utility said it expects to have power back in the bulk of […]

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Heights Provides Consummate Media Image Of Lower NY’s Blackout

The consummate photograph that newspapers around the world are using to illustrate Lower Manhattan’s Monday night blackout from Hurricane Sandy—not surprisingly—was taken from our Brooklyn Heights Promenade. New York-based Associated Press photojournalist Bebeto Matthews took the pic, which has appeared in papers across the U.S., as well as New Zealand, Norway, France, Wales, Saudi Arabia, […]

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Darkness On The Edge Of Town: Lower Manhattan At Dusk Tuesday

What a spooky spectacle… There’s not a light to be found across Manhattan, in this panoramic shot taken just before 6 p.m. Tuesday from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (see full-size view here). Below, a closer image focused on Lower Manhattan. ConEd reports 780,000 customers are without service, including 250,000 in Manhattan and 87,000 in Brooklyn. […]

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