Thousand-Dollar Pooch Poop Fine Sign Is… A Fraud!

After reporting on BHB December 14 that signs had suddenly appeared on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade mandating an exorbitant and sudden escalation of a $1,000 fine for failing to scoop your pooch’s poop, it turns out… the signs are phony!

News 12 Brooklyn shares that Department of Sanitation officials say the wrong health logo is printed on the sign, proving it’s a fake. The Parks Department logo is printed instead of the appropriate Sanitation Department seal. In addition, the max amount a person can be fined for failing to adhere to NYC’s pooper scooper ordinance remains $250—not a thousand bucks. Wowsah! (Photo: CT)

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  • Militant Vegetarian

    Yes, it must be phony, but somebody out there clearly felt forced to resort to the threat of a thousand-dollar fine to get people to be responsible. The streets are unnecessarily FILTHY from the leavings of our beloved furry friends. There is no good reason to be lazy about this. It takes very little effort to practice good ownership and thoughtful citizenship. I wonder how reliable a pet owner can be toward the animals themselves, who count most of all, if that same individual can’t clean up a few turds each day. It’s really only a matter of carrying some sheets of newspaper around, and setting them down on the ground when the dog adopts that telltale crouching position! Not too difficult! I’m VERY DISGUSTED each time I have to use a pencap to clean the crap out of the treads of the soles of my family members’ shoes. Makes me wish the offending pet “owner” were nearby, so I could hurl the excreta that person’s way…

  • Wiley E.

    Mayor Bloomberg’s silly park boys playing silly tricks on the public again. $1,000 fine – yeah. Get serious, and start collecting $250 fines for a true health hazard. 1 fine a day will hire the sanitation ticket giver.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Foe Wiley E. every article is a reason to find blame with Bloomberg. Silly.

  • James

    Nice reporting – the second time. A simple call to the DOS – the first time – for verification would have been helpful.

  • Bee Bop’s Captor’s Ghost

    That should be the fine. And confiscation/destruction of the pet.