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More Walk Photos: Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Fulton Ferry Historic District

The showy tulips, daffodils, and purple irises of May are gone from the Promenade Gardens, but these pretty red and white blossoms were, like June, bustin’ out. Crossing the Pedestrian bridge from Squibb Park, I noticed that preliminary work appears to be underway for the Pierhouse hotel and condo complex. I shot this crossing the […]

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Purple Irises and Serviceberries

Your correspondent is off for a long weekend starting tomorrow. The Bugs and Blooms tour of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 put me in a botanical frame of mind, so when I started on a short early evening walk today, I couldn’t resist photographing these especially lovely purple irises growing in the garden by the […]

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More Morning Walk Scenes: Still Some Color

Winter doesn’t arrive until December 21, so we’re still in the waning days of autumn. Peak foliage time has passed, but there’s yet some color to be found, and the muted tones of late fall have their charm. Here are some scenes from a walk on Saturday, December 1. These are rose hips and leaves […]

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Flowers on the Promenade

Early bloomers in the garden between the Clark and Pineapple Street entrances. Addendum: According to reader “Baron von Montague St” these are “lenten roses, Helleborus × hybridus.”

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Scenes From a Saturday Stroll

On Saturday morning, Jonathan Landsman and his crew were busy planting by the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade. More photos and text after the jump.

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Help Tomorrow So Promenade Gardens Will Bloom in Spring

As your correspondent returned from his morning walk, he found Jonathan Landsman, the Promenade Gardener, and a Parks Department crew, unloading plants from a truck. Some of these, along with bulbs, are to be planted tomorrow (Saturday, October 15) , which happens to be It’s My Park Day. If you would like to lend a […]

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Spring at Last?

Sarah Maslin Nir, in today’s New York Times Metropolitan Section: ACCORDING to the calendar, it’s been spring for the past five weeks. But you could have fooled me. And me, for that matter. We’ve had a couple of teases, like Wednesday, which started cloudy and chilly, but by early afternoon it was sunny and the […]

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Let Jonathan Landsman Teach You About Neighborhood Plants

Spring will soon be here, and with it even more flowers blooming in the Promenade gardens. But beyond the showy blossoms, there’s lots of interesting stuff growing there, as well as nearby in the neighborhood. (Can you spot where the flowers in the photo, taken last spring, were growing?) Next Thursday, March 17, starting at […]

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From Planting to Blossoming: Hellebores in the Promenade Gardens

Neil Calet, Columbia Heights resident, advocate and tireless worker on behalf of the Promenade gardens, sends us these photos of planting last November (see above), and of the first blossoms of hellebores heralding the coming spring. More photos after the jump.

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Your Help Needed Now For Promenade Gardens to Bloom in Spring

Jonathan Landsman, the Promenade gardener, makes this appeal: Every Tuesday at 9:30 AM from now until Dec 14 volunteers meet on the Promenade to work in the gardens until noon. We meet at the Montague Street flagpole. Primarily we are digging and planting beds with the thousands of tulips that make our famous spring display […]

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