Your Help Needed Now For Promenade Gardens to Bloom in Spring

Jonathan Landsman, the Promenade gardener, makes this appeal:

Every Tuesday at 9:30 AM from now until Dec 14 volunteers meet on the Promenade to work in the gardens until noon. We meet at the Montague Street flagpole.

Primarily we are digging and planting beds with the thousands of tulips that make our famous spring display (loved on your blog) but there are also other small projects. Last year volunteers planted 6,000 tulips and daffodils.

Work is very physical and participants should come dressed in tough layers with sturdy shoes, preferably hiking or work boots. Due to wind off the river and shade from the brownstones, it feels 10 degrees colder in the gardens than even a block farther inland in the Heights.

Anyone can do this; I’ve worked with high school kids and octogenarians on a weekly basis. I teach and demonstrate everything that is to be done at the start of the day, so “green” newcomers are always welcome. At the end of the workday (noon) we have coffee, chat, and I give a short lesson on something plant-related. Flirting over coffee for singles? I don’t see why not!

Help the Heights enjoy a brighter tomorrow!

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  • David on Middagh

    Stupid question from a non-gardener: Why plant the Promenade in the morning, when one could plant in the afternoon in the sunny-sun-sun?

  • AnnieOakley

    Any chance there’s an opportunity for us working stiffs to participate on a weekend? This Tuesday thing is putting a dent in my desire for dirt… I’m sure there’s plenty of us that would love to help but can’t!

  • lcd

    I was wondering the same thing as Annie – planting for working stiffs?

  • GHB

    I’d help out on a weekend. Tuesday’s no good for me.

  • Jonathan the Gardener

    A weekend day or later-running requires me to change my hours in advance. It’s something I have done twice with good results and will happily do, but only when I can do it with advance-confirmed participants. I can’t do it as an “I hope people come” thing.

    The answer is similar for later daytimes. My current group consistently comes in mornings. I can’t tamper with what works and what people budget for, and mornings are superior in the hot season though, yes, now afternoon would be a bit more comfortable. You can ask any current gardener; they never feel cold for long.

    If you feel pretty sure you’d work when you could, or want to hear about a Saturday schedule, subscribe yourself to our listserver (about 1 email weekly) or email me to have me add you to the list (for the less tech-inclined)

    I can also make special arrangements with one-time volunteer groups from corporations, under the Partnership for Parks program.