Waterfront Development Part of City Vision

Although the NYTimes article entitled, New York’s Next Frontier: The Waterfront doesn’t mention Brooklyn Heights or Brooklyn Bridge Park, clearly the issues raised are relevant to our neighborhood.  Whether it is housing, transportation, education, economic development, or environmental sustainability, there is a lot at stake just a few feet away from where we live!

Not to fear, the Bloomberg Administration is putting their final touches on the Vision 2020 plan which will outline development efforts along the waterfront in NYC.  Interestingly, on the Vision 2020 website there is an interactive map with a link to information concerning waterfront development in Brooklyn Bridge Park, but it doesn’t work.  Hmmm…

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  • Joe

    It isn’t a designated park so I guess that’s why they don’t factor it into their thinking. Just like Queens West or the Williamsburg waterfront or Battery Park CIty – this is landscaping for condos. One trip down there to gaze at the beautiful harbor suffices because there just isn’t anything to do down there for again, and it is a big hassle to get there, too.