From Planting to Blossoming: Hellebores in the Promenade Gardens

Neil Calet, Columbia Heights resident, advocate and tireless worker on behalf of the Promenade gardens, sends us these photos of planting last November (see above), and of the first blossoms of hellebores heralding the coming spring. More photos after the jump.

March 2011, blooming.

Hellebore Josef Lemper

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  • wendy the good little witch

    Hellebore is also known as the “Lenten Rose”, because it’s early blooms uplift our hearts during those bleak days in late winter when in most gardens, there are very few other visible signs of spring.

  • stuart little

    Love the Lent roses. The newer hybrids are astonishing.
    Neil Calet is extremely generous with his time and expertise.

  • El

    I saw some crocuses, snowdrops, and hellebores at the BBG this last Saturday – so excited for spring! Though I wish I could skip the nasty-smelling pear (?) tree blossoming window…