Dear Genevieve – Big Brooklyn Heights Reveal Saturday (3/5)

BHB pal/Brooklyn Heights resident/#1 Celine Dion Fan/author Chuck Taylor notfies us that the episode of HGTV’s Dear Genevieve shot in his Montague Street apartment will air tomorrow (3/5) at 8pm.

HGTV: Brooklyn denizens, Chuck and Ihan, are passionate about renovating their Queen Anne condo. But their tiny and irregular shaped master bedroom has these two savvy renovators stumped! The tiny room is irregularly shaped, has a bed that is oversized, and reflects none of the charm of the era of the house. Designer Genevieve Gorder tackles the space with design solutions combining old world style with modern functionality, and creates a stylish and relaxing urban retreat.

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    I’m at a loss to understand why the doings of these two men are thought to be so fascinating that we must hear about them from time to time. Anyone who bills himself as Celine Dion’s number one fan ought to be avoided.

  • Chuck Taylor

    Topham: Hey, no need to get personal, buddy! If you’ve ever watched these makeover shows on HGTV, you know it’s all about what we CAN’T do… not our “doings.” The show is a wondrous, proud display of beuatiful, historic Brooklyn Heights, which we should all be happy about.

    And as to the Celine Dion’s No. 1 fan… do a little research, pal. It’s tongue in cheek. Kind of.

    Enjoy the show!

  • Tony

    Chuck Taylor loves Celine Dion and Armando’s. Sounds like the man needs a makeover in more ways than one …

  • Gerry

    In the end the room is still too small and cramped she did the best she could I suppose but this is NOT the most beautiful room I ever saw.

    If this had been my bedroom I would have bought a MURPHY BED and had it installed on the wall where she made the faux door out of moldings a Murphy Bed would have been a great thing for that small space. And IKEA is a bunch of junk that armoire will NOT hold up over time, and IKEA does not sell Murphy Bed’s get one at or Gothic Furniture Craft.

    These men will be tripping over each other and banging into each other in that tiny room.

    Why not a Murphy Bed?