Flowers on the Promenade

Early bloomers in the garden between the Clark and Pineapple Street entrances. Addendum: According to reader “Baron von Montague St” these are “lenten roses, Helleborus × hybridus.”

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    Very pretty. But, aren’t those a variety of Hellebore?

  • Claude Scales

    My wife thought they were primroses, but given your doubts, I’ve changed the headline.

  • Baron Von Montague St

    Nice lenten roses, Helleborus × hybridus

  • Claude Scales

    Thanks! I’m grateful for the correct identification.

  • GHB

    I saw some purple crocuses already

  • lori

    I believe we saw these on the walk Jonathon Landsman led last spring. Yes, Helleborus.

  • stuart

    The hellebores and camellias are coming out. They are both late winter bloomers.
    My camellias are on central Virginia time this year. They are popping open in all their hot pink glory. Usually they don’t open until early march.