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Alleged Racial Profiling Incident at Brooklyn Heights Key Food

For Andrea Kelly, it was a weekday morning like any other.  On her way to work at a prominent neighborhood physical therapy practice, the 33-year-old African American woman stopped into Key Food on Montague Street to pick up something for lunch. She’s done this practically every day for the past year. The staff knows her. […]

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Secrets of Brooklyn Heights’ Key Food, Gristedes Revealed in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Anne Kadet recently moved to Brooklyn Heights, and has written a story about the supermrket scene. She likes Key Food on Montague Street, which is handy to her new digs–she even likes Gregory the Mannequin–but is put off by the high prices. She is even more dismayed by Gristede’s prices, which […]

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Key Food Intends To Maintain Clipped Store Hours

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, the Key Food at 102 Montague Street scaled back its operating hours due to challenges with deliveries and gas. A manager tells BHB that those clipped store hours are here to stay. Before Sandy, the store was open until midnight Monday through Saturdays, and until 11 p.m. on Sunday. […]

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Meet Gregory, Key Food’s Main Meat Man

A tall handsome fellow, uh, mannequin named Gregory is greeting (frightening?) shoppers at the Montague Street Key Food, decked in full-on meat manager garb, a black cap and coolio shades. We inquired of a manager there, “Wha? Huh? Why?” regarding the dude’s presence, and were informed that he is a promotional “tool” for a beef […]

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Local Grocery Stores Begin Restocking Perishables Friday

Grocery stores in Brooklyn Heights were restocking perishable items as of Friday morning, as trucks began making their way back to the neighborhood at 7 a.m. Key Food management at 102 Montague Street told BHB early this morning that fresh fruits, milk, bread and meat are returning to the shelves, with night crews working overtime […]

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Calm Before The Storm: Key Food Aisles Virtually Cleared As Residents Prepare

UPDATE: Key Food will close at 6 p.m. Sunday. As one might expect, hundreds are rushing to neighborhood groceries to scoop up what appears to be enough staples for the remainder of the year. A stop by Key Food on Montague Street around 1 p.m. Sunday revealed a checkout line that more closely resembled the […]

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Heights Gets Taste Of High-End ‘New York Natural Pudding Co.’

Cupcakes are apparently so yesterday: Long Island business partners David Smith, Christopher DeMark and Lonnie Fortuna are convinced that pudding is the next big culinary delight for New Yorkers, after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a high-end line called New York Natural Pudding Co. Launched in July, the adult-focused treat has found its […]

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Gotta Appreciate Our Key Food, As Windsor Heights Store Supplanted By Walgreen’s

The closing of a supermarket is always an unexpected phenomenon, particularly when they provide the neighborhood with one of its core services. In Brooklyn Heights, Montague Street’s Key Food has been around for decades… Can you imagine the neighborhood without it? (Gristede’s: uh, personal opinion, yes). On June 30, the Key Food on Prospect Avenue […]

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Vintage Image: Key Food Market, 1976

The 1976 Montague Street Revitalization project offered grand plans for the ailing Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, and included numerous photographs of everyday life. Of course, some 36 years later, these casual B&W shots offer a cool triptych to a time gone by: the fashion, hairstyles and simply the way folks gathered back in the day. We’re […]

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Gristedes Gets “Ban’d”

Right or wrong, Brooklyn Heights residents often shake their fists at the lack of quality dining and decent supermarkets. A trip to Key Food could end with you on ABC’s Gotcha Journalism Show or even worse, eating green chicken. Meanwhile, Gristedes’ prices seem to come from Rodeo Drive (if Rodeo Drive were to have a […]

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