Heights Gets Taste Of High-End ‘New York Natural Pudding Co.’

Cupcakes are apparently so yesterday: Long Island business partners David Smith, Christopher DeMark and Lonnie Fortuna are convinced that pudding is the next big culinary delight for New Yorkers, after investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a high-end line called New York Natural Pudding Co. Launched in July, the adult-focused treat has found its way to the shelves of 30 local stores, including Key Food in Brooklyn Heights.

“The yogurt business is saturated,” notes Ivan Arguello, owner of the Montague Street Key Food, in a story that appears in The New York Daily News. “Everyone is in that business, not in natural pudding.” Key began stocking New York Natural Pudding Co. in August, with strong response. “Lonnie really caught my eye,” Arguello adds. “He came out with interesting flavors that is taking this to the next notch.”

Smith tells the Daily News, “We think pudding could be the next cupcake trend, the next big dessert trend.” New York Natural Pudding Co. is based on family recipes from Fortuna, a wholesale food veteran. He came up with the idea of taking his grandfather’s simple rice pudding recipe and adapting it to more discerning tastes—by adding flavors to produce the likes of “French Toast” and “Salty Caramel.” The product is packaged in 12-ounce containers and sells for $4.99.

Read the full story in the NY Daily News here. (Photo: NYDN)

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  • AmyinBH

    I can’t decided if this is silly or brilliant.

  • GHB

    There was a rice pudding store on Prince Street (?) near Chinatown a few years back. They had awesome rice pudding in lots of flavors, but I think they’re long gone.

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, if you mean “Rice to Riches” (37 Spring Street, twixt Mott & Mulberry), it looks to be still around, going by Yelp. I kept one of their branded eating scoops; I think I had hazelnut chocolate. Definitely delicious.

  • Rick

    This has been a big thing for a while apparently. There’s a “high-end” pudding store in the East Village called Puddin’ where a large pudding costs $8.50 and the special flavors $9.50!!.

  • Melissa

    I looked for it in the refrigerated case with the other pudding but couldn’t find it. Anyone know where they keep it?

  • Donna

    They keep it by the yogurt. Deep Chocolate is the best chocolate pudding I ever tasted.

  • WillowtownCop

    I was hoping the next big thing with fancy flavors would be cannolis. Pudding – unless it’s bread pudding – is too slimy.

  • Bette

    Rice pudding is great! And Tapioca also! And yes to Bread Pudding as well. But plain pudding is not that interesting (to me).

    I just noticed that f you say or type the word “pudding” several times in a row it starts to look like a ridiculous word that shouldn’t describe food.

  • Donna

    Obviously, some of you posting has never tasted pudding or the rice pudding from NY Natural Pudding. Once you taste it, you will see.

  • Boerum Bill

    Wake me when an artisanal Jello™ boutique launches.