Meet Gregory, Key Food’s Main Meat Man

A tall handsome fellow, uh, mannequin named Gregory is greeting (frightening?) shoppers at the Montague Street Key Food, decked in full-on meat manager garb, a black cap and coolio shades. We inquired of a manager there, “Wha? Huh? Why?” regarding the dude’s presence, and were informed that he is a promotional “tool” for a beef company that offers its meaty wares at Key.

Okay, that makes (horse) sense… although Greg still bears an odd and suspicious resemblance to Justin Bieber. (CT)

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  • Mommy

    My daughter got scared of him today:(

  • Kit

    Isn’t Key Food crowded enough without blocking the entrance with a mannequin?

  • GHB

    The only way they could have made this creepier would be to install a clown!

  • JD

    By default, he is now the most personable employee at that Key Food.

  • Wiley E.

    Sorta does looka lika da Beiber. (Who cares, off with the mountain oysters.) Clip, clip.

  • Andrew Porter

    “He” wasn’t wearing shades on Friday, and I noticed the presence of eye-shadow!

  • Wiley E.

    What kind of meat is “he” promoting? Pork?

  • Duc

    He has the most personality of any employee in the place I’m sure.

  • Arch Stanton

    I am friendly to the employees of Key Food, likewise they are friendly to me.