Montague Street Women’s Clothier Ruby And Jenna Closing Sunday

Women’s apparel boutique Ruby and Jenna, which opened in May 2012 at 130 Montague Street, is closing the location Sunday, March 10.

The retailer, located above beauty salon Dashing Diva, maintains multiple locations in Manhattan (1293 Broadway), Brooklyn (1308 Kings Highway), Plainview, N.Y., Greenwich, Conn., Southampton, Hoboken, Westbury, Oceanside and Westfield, N.J. (Photos: CT)

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  • Alanna S

    Sadly, I am not surprised. Wonderful and nice staff, but product was overpriced for quality and seemed a little out of place in our neighborhood.

  • bhres

    not surprised. the jeans looked like they’d only fit a 6yo.

  • phinatti

    These local realtors suck these kind of businesses into the nabe to pay the pricy leases they make a commission on – without full disclosure of the likelihood of their success. Shame on them for duping yet another business who had no business in this nabe to begin with. Just a shame.

  • ltap917

    There are lots of businesses on Montague who have no business being in this neighborhood either.

  • TeddyNYC

    Very true. Overpriced only goes so far.

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    They lasted longer than I expected. It was a one-note shop whose merchandise was directed to young teenagers. I’m way out of my teens so they had nothing I could or would buy. I hate to see empty stores on Montague but as long as vendors think an affluent neighborhood will pay ridiculous prices for anything, we’re going to keep seeing vendors coming and going.