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Some Last Minute Monday Evening Suggestions

Tomorrow (Monday, July 6) evening at 7:00, at the Granite Prospect on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Park’s annual “Books Under the Bridge” series will begin with a program hosted by Freebird Bookstore: [A] unique outdoor Scrabble competition between John D. Williams, Jr. (former Executive Director of the National SCRABBLE Association and author of […]

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Looks Like The Montague Street Tunnel Will Be Closed For A Year

Take the R train to work? Get ready to shout to the heaven and say “NOOOOOO”. (Or if you’re a Star Trek TOS movie fan “KHAAAAANNNNN!”). Reports say the the Montague Street tunnel, damaged in Superstorm Sandy, will be closed for repairs for about a year: NYT: The repairs, expected to begin in August, would […]

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Friday’s The Day: Red Hook Fairway Market Reopens!

Friday is the big day! Red Hook’s Fairway Market will reopen with a celebration that begins at 7:30 a.m., which the store calls “a foodie event to remember,” with food and product demos, giveaways and appearances from Miss America Mallory Hytes (who lives in Brooklyn) and Borough Prez Marty Markowitz. Among improvements to the grocery […]

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Great News: Red Hook’s Fairway Market To Reopen 3/1

After Hurricane Sandy devastated Red Hook’s beloved Fairway Market, the entire neighborhood has suffered as many that visited the grocery from the surrounding vicinity also stopped supporting other local businesses that depend on so much traffic from the anchor store. Good news: Fairway is set to reopen March 1, according to the New York Daily […]

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Lights Back On At Brooklyn Bridge Park

The lighting system at Brooklyn Bridge Park was seriously damaged by Hurricane Sandy, so the Park has been closing at dusk instead of 1:00 a.m. as it normally does. DUMBO NYC reports that the lights are working once again, and the Park has returned to its usual hours. Image: openhousenewyork.

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Red Hook’s Fairway Market Reopening In March Following Sandy Nightmare

The Fairway Market in Red Hook was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy in November, as the 52,000sf waterfront grocery at the base of Van Brunt took on 5 feet of water—which also had a detrimental effect on surrounding boutique businesses that depended on Fairway’s customer base. Good news: Fairway’s Facebook page reveals that the store […]

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Markowitz Not Amused By House Of Rep’s Lack Of Sandy Relief Action

Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz is mighty irritated with the U.S. House of Representatives for its ongoing inertia in passing relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy, which impacted so many in our surrounding neighborhoods. He writes: “Thousands of families—not just in our beloved Brooklyn but across New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and beyond—are […]

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R Train Progress?

On Saturday afternoon a row of MTA vans, with “Cable” on their doors, was parked by the entrance to the Court Street subway station on Montague Street between Clinton and Henry Streets. We understand that the signal cables on the R line, which serves Court Street, were badly damaged by the Hurricane Sandy flooding. Addendum: […]

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The Blessing Of Light (Again) Across The Manhattan Skyline

The price tag from Hurricane Sandy’s damages in New York totals $42+ billion, according to the latest tally from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, including $33 billion to repair housing & infrastructure and $9 billion to protect transit systems, the power network and sewage treatment facilities from future storms. While many neighborhoods continue to suffer, there’s solace […]

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VIDEO: Red Hook Fairway Determined To Come Back Better Than Ever

As BHB reported November 9, Red Hook’s Fairway Market suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy. with the 52,000sf waterfront grocery at the base of Van Brunt taking on 5 feet of water and closed “indefinitely” as rebuilding ensues. Red Hook store General Manager Andy Zuleta has posted a video showing the destruction, cleanup efforts and […]

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