Some Last Minute Monday Evening Suggestions

Tomorrow (Monday, July 6) evening at 7:00, at the Granite Prospect on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Park’s annual “Books Under the Bridge” series will begin with a program hosted by Freebird Bookstore:

[A] unique outdoor Scrabble competition between John D. Williams, Jr. (former Executive Director of the National SCRABBLE Association and author of the new book, WORD NERD) and three time national champion Joe Edley.

This special match, fought on a giant 15 x 15 foot board designed for the occasion, will be a master class in technique and wordplay. John and Joe will also be on hand to tell their own anecdotes about the world of competitive Scrabble.

It’s free, and there’s more information here.

Meanwhile, at the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Movies on Monday series continues with a screening of Grey Gardens, the 1975 Maysles brothers documentary about an aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis living reclusively in near poverty in the Hamptons. This will be followed by a screening of Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective member Nathan Fitch’s short documentary “The Darker Side of Dreamland,” which shows the effects of Hurricane Sandy on Coney Island residents. It’s free, but you must reserve tickets here.

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  • ShinyNewHandle

    Thanks for the reminders, Claude!

  • stuart

    The photos are some of the worst I have ever seen of Brooklyn Heights, which is actually very photogenic.

    The photographer either had a hangover or some grudge against the neighborhood.

    He did not do us justice.

  • ClaudeScales

    What photos? There aren’t any photos of Brooklyn Heights in the post on which you’ve commented.

  • stuart

    I was referring to the photos in the New York Times.