Red Hook’s Fairway Market Reopening In March Following Sandy Nightmare

The Fairway Market in Red Hook was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy in November, as the 52,000sf waterfront grocery at the base of Van Brunt took on 5 feet of water—which also had a detrimental effect on surrounding boutique businesses that depended on Fairway’s customer base. Good news: Fairway’s Facebook page reveals that the store is planning to reopen in March—and it’s also hiring additional staff. Welcome home, Fairway… you’ve been missed.

UPDATE: More about Red Hook businesses in The New York Times. (Photo: Brownstoner)

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  • lori

    WOW – that’s good news. The store was completely destroyed. Many thought it would not reopen, but they promised to open again and be even better than it was before. Looking forward to it. ‘

  • Rick

    Terrific! They’ve been missed.

  • Peruv


  • Janet

    I can’t wait.

  • Laura

    We’re counting the days til they reopen, and have not enjoyed a single grocery shopping trip since they closed. We’ve even shopped at other Fairway locations, and nothing comes close to our beloved Red Hook Fairway. So glad they’ll be back in business in March!

  • KG

    Yes, my cousin and I have been on withdrawal, as going to Fairway is an outing for us. We do miss this store, the olives, cheeses and potato salad too! Hope all are well and look forward to seeing Fairway open again. Wishing all a Very Bright, Happy & Prosperous New Year’s. Welcome Back!

  • Teddy

    Are they doing anything to mitigate the damage that could be caused by a future surge? I’m curious about that.

  • Gerry

    @ Teddy – we do not think that anything can be done to protect the market from a future flood.

    This is a location that floods.

    Locations that flood get flooded.

    I guess that we just need to hope for the best.

  • Alec

    yaaaay! nothing else comes close in terms of quality/price. Sorry Keyfood.

  • chicagokath314

    I heard from a cashier at the 74th St Fairway (she’s an original Red Hook Fairway employee) that they may open FEB 14.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Teddy, I heard that they are relocating some of their more expensive equipment to the 2nd floor, that ought to help somewhat.

  • Carlotta

    Trader Joe’s is wonderful for certain items and their prices are excellent, but I miss Fairway’s greater selection, especially the cheeses and the fresh fish. I hope their recovery will help the other businesses around there.

  • Still Here

    I count the days…..

    Any word on the River Cafe?

  • MonroeOrange

    Great News! Can’t wait….Just an FYI…the Fairway in Douglastown (Queens) off of the LIE is really good as well, with ample parking…same great cheese selection and olives, etc

  • Jorale-man

    I’m curious too how much will be done to protect the store from future hurricanes. Beyond moving equipment, will they add any protective barriers to the harbor-side facade? Seal off the walls and windows better? I’m sure there are limits to what’s possible (apart from moving) but it seems awfully risky.

    That being said, I’m glad they’re coming back.

  • Hicksandthorpe

    where are the comments

  • Bill Comer

    Advertising on 710WOR brought many of the shoppers. I would like to work with WOR sales, and if Mr. Cuddy would listen to my interview on Sunday’s WOR Community Concerns, he can tell what type of person I am. I am not perfrect, but I want folks to Give more to this world than they Take. I do coomentary with Supermarket, and can contribute to the Metro area food and retailing community as a whole. God Bless all Americans.