Friday’s The Day: Red Hook Fairway Market Reopens!

Friday is the big day! Red Hook’s Fairway Market will reopen with a celebration that begins at 7:30 a.m., which the store calls “a foodie event to remember,” with food and product demos, giveaways and appearances from Miss America Mallory Hytes (who lives in Brooklyn) and Borough Prez Marty Markowitz.

Among improvements to the grocery post-Sandy—which decimated the 52,000sf waterfront store with 5 feet of water—are wider aisles, no dead ends in produce, entire store is easier to navigate, bakery is three times larger, a new cafe with enhanced offerings, meat & seafood easier to shop and a self-serve meat aisle across from the butcher counter.

In addition, a new expanded bulk section now comprises 198 items, including granola, nuts & seeds, grains & beans, natural candy and more.

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  • Still Here

    I went my usual time this Saturday morning. There were hundreds of smiling adult shoppers who behaved like kids on Christmas morning who had just gotten all the gifts they were hoping for. Shopping carts were packed. What loyalty they have cultivated. Some great sales, as well.Their staff welcomed everyone like the crew on your favorite cruise ship on embarkation.

    It has been reconfigured very nicely also although I will have to reprogram my internal map.

    Great to have them back

  • Bill Comer

    Fairway is doing great inpart to advertising on the great radio station 710WOR. After being interviewed on Community Concerns about something I did on Valentine’s Day, I know that WOR is very repspected in the community, and if Mr. Cuddy reads this comment, I would like to be a part of the WOR ad team dealing with food vendors/retailers and other retail matters. For many years, I worked with the original advertising agency of Supermarkets General Pathmark, which was ryn by the best of the best just like Fairway. Pathmark gave a damn about shoppers and workers. WOR and its talent pros give a damn about the Metro area. God Bless all WOR listeners.

  • Bill Comer

    I also do commentary with Supermarket -Thanks much. God also Bless the founders of Pathmark and Zal Venet…….unique and one of a kind!!