Jack The Horse Tavern Looking To Expand On Cranberry Street

The stalwart Jack The Horse Tavern plans to open an adjoining retail store with overflow seating, according to a notice posted at the secondary locale at 37A Cranberry Street, the former space of Browning Frames.

The beloved restaurant—located at at 66 Hicks Street at the corner of Cranberry—is seeking a license to sell and serve beer, wine & booze at the new spot, which will be up for approval at the Community 2 Board’s next meet, Wednesday, March 6 at Brooklyn Hospital’s First Floor Dining Room on Dekalb Avenue @ St. Felix Place.

Jack opened in June 2006.


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  • DIBS

    I wish the chef would bring back the pork belly that was served with the pork loin.

  • Frank

    I wish the chef would change the menu at least a little. it’s the same old same old all the time

  • DIBS

    Pork chop was substituted for pork loin.

    I thibk it’s the appetizers that are very weak. The mac & cheese isn’t very good at all

  • Hicks St Guy

    don’t understand how someone can go to a restaurant and order mac n cheese.

  • karen

    I love this neighborhood place and am happy they’re looking to expand. But I agree, they need to change up the menu once in a while. Everything I’ve had is delicious but variety would be nice.

  • http://twitter.com/bkheightsblog brooklynheightsblog

    Because it’s awesomely delicious.

  • MonroeOrange

    oddly enough, the henry st. ale house has amazing mac n cheese!

    People order it, bc its a pain to make real mac n cheese, not the ones in the box….

  • Andrew Porter

    The former framing store—which has had a variety of uses, including office space, over the decades—is quite small. But it would be a welcome source of take-out in the North Heights.

  • Andrew Porter

    I forgot to mention that the space they plan to expand into was the original home of Cranberry’s, many years ago.

  • mlcraryville

    Yes, we all LOVE JTH but expansion of a popular restaurant along a residential street should first be okayed by the immediate neighbors. It is not the lovely things on the menu, it’s the feet on the street. My neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of their property should always come first.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I think the neighbors have more to worry from the hackeysack-playing waitstaff than they do from noisy tipplers.

  • Jv

    I think it’s a great idea!!!!

  • Jv

    They, and you should go to the meeting then.