Reminder: Latest MTA Fare Hike Sunday

Good thing Brooklyn Heights is such a lovely place to be, since it’ll cost you more to get in and out of the nabe come Sunday. Here’s a grim reminder that MTA’s latest fare hike begins Sunday, March 3. Gothamist provides a handy rundown about how much more it’ll cost to move about town, while the New York Post adds insult to injury with this factoid: In 2008, a 30-day unlimited fare card cost $76, marking an increase of 47% to today in a mere five years.

From Gothamist:
* The MTA’s base fare is now $2.50, up from $2.25. A single ride ticket costs $2.75.
* The pay-per-ride bonus discount will be 5% instead of 7% (but it kicks in at $5, instead of $10).
* A 30-day unlimited MetroCard will cost $112 (up from $104). The 7-day unlimited card will cost $30 (up from $29). And a 7-day express bus plus MetroCard will cost $55 (up from $50).
* A $1 fee will be charged for each new MetroCard you buy. To avoid the fee, turn in expired or damaged cards and you’ll get a new one free.

And then:
* You must ride the subway 13 times (two rides per workday and three on the weekend) to make a 7-day MetroCard worthwhile and you must ride the subway 48 times (two rides per workday and eight on the weekend) to make a 30-day unlimited MetroCard worthwhile.
* Unlimited MetroCards purchased on or before March 2 must be activated by Monday, March 11 to obtain their full value. Those activated after that date will allow travel through April 9 for 30-day cards and March 17 for 7-day cards.

And why is this happening (again)? MTA Spokesman Adam Lisberg tells Gothamist, “The MTA is raising fares and tolls because our costs for employee healthcare, pension contributions, mandatory paratransit service, energy and other costs out of our control are rising far faster than the rate of inflation. We have cut our costs by more than $700 million, we have built a budget with net-zero wage increases for unionized employees, and we are implementing moderately higher fares and tolls.”

Well, okay then. That makes it all better.

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