It’s Time Someone Told Hillary Clinton That MetroTech Is Not in Brooklyn Heights

As previously reported, Hillary Clinton might be opening her campaign office in Brooklyn Heights. That is if she decided to run for president and if she chooses One Pierrepont Plaza (one of the rumored locations) and not MetroTech (the other rumored HQ). Why? Oh, you know the answer:


Now this slight error would be all fine and dandy if the media wasn’t actively perpetuating this misconception. Behold:

New York Times: Mrs. Clinton’s aides are looking at the Metro Tech complex in Brooklyn Heights, two people with knowledge of the plans said.

NY Magazine: Once Hillary Clinton gets around to officially announcing that she’s running for president, she’s going to need a campaign headquarters — and she’s said to be quite interested in Brooklyn Heights. Consider it Mayor de Blasio’s consolation prize for losing the DNC to Philly.

“Clinton and her team … are nearing a deal for office space at the MetroTech complex in Brooklyn.

Heck, we’ll give New York Magazine a pass since they’re just lucky to still have the lights on. But the NEW YORK TIMES? Come on sheeple!

For the record, Mrs. Clinton (and journalists) Metro Tech is in Downtown Brooklyn.

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  • WS gilbert

    This is an issue? Really, no one outside the rarified enclave of the Brooklyn Heights Blog would care about this.

  • Jazz

    You must be a joy at parties.

  • Resident

    I hope the Clintons (LOL this auto corrects to Climbers) stay far away from here… We have enough liars around…

  • DIBS

    He doesn’t get invited to any, especially any in Brooklyn Heights

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    Only her email server will be headquartered here.

  • WS Gilbert

    More than you, since I actually live here. Perhaps I should check out Bucks County!

  • WS Gilbert

    Yes, actually -I am an absolute joy at parties, but seriously there is no need to be sarcastic. This kind of harping places importance on an issue of real non importance and seems very parochial. Sort of like the transplant Manhattanite saying he need not cross any rivers because he lives in the center of the universe.

    With all that is going on in the neighborhood and the world, why is it so important to be so snarky and say that the record MUST be corrected to show that something four blocks away is not actually in the Heights. Geez.

    I stick by my original posting. Who, but the Blog People in the Heights would actually care? Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

  • Jazz

    Actually I was serious, not sarcastic. Thanks for proving me right.