Is Hillary Clinton Setting Up Shop in Brooklyn Heights?

The NY Daily News reports today that former Secretary of State/NY Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton’s team is looking at 1 Pierrepont Plaza as home for her potential campaign headquarters:

NYDN: Real estate insiders were thrilled at the idea of hosting Clinton HQ, and said the location makes perfect sense for a national campaign.

“There are 13 subway lines and 15 bus lines serving the neighborhood,” said Tucker Reed, President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. “Nearly 60,000 college students that could provide an army of campaign volunteers, and when the DNC convention comes to Barclays Center, headquarters would be blocks away.

The Hill broke the story and adds:

But using Brooklyn for its headquarters could be a useful symbol for a campaign that hopes to win over young people and has already been attacked by Republicans as “old news.”

The borough is New York City’s most populous, and has had a renaissance over the last decade as many of its neighborhoods have been transformed. It is also one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the United States — another aspect Clinton’s team will want to highlight as it seeks to attract minority voters.

It would provide a stark contrast from the locale where Clinton based her 2008 presidential campaign: the Washington, D.C., suburb of Ballston, Va. Back then, Team Clinton was housed in a stodgy former Immigration and Naturalization Service building.

The report says that Clinton is also eyeing Metrotech as a possibility. Both buildings are Forest City Ratner properties.

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  • Littlestbird

    Woot! Woot!

  • Philip Galindo

    Bill says ” There’s plenty o’ chicks, cigar shops and hotel rooms.”

  • ionFreeman

    Hillary! Save the view!

  • HypocriteFinder

    You left out the part about Brooklyn being the most expensive expensive housing market in America, and that her landlord is the most corrupt eminent domain king of NY and Cleveland, bruce Ratner. But yea, great news. At least she can experience the slum lord building problems first hand. Uch

  • johnny cakes

    OMG! Say it isn’t so! Another corrupt politician in the hood?

  • Susan Raboy

    Only if she saves the view and library. And brings back our hospital and builds more schools

  • johnny cakes

    Lots of lesbians in Park Slope for Hillary.

  • HicksOnHicks

    Brooklyn doesn’t need another a loser

  • johnny cakes

    She’ll promise you anything you ask for. But, you won’t get anything that she promised. That is the way the Clintons operate. Cuomo and de Blazio both worked for the Clinton Administration in HUD. Look where we are now! Good luck with another Clinton in the White House. More lies and corruption. And, if elected, you should expect them to steal the White House dinnerware and silverware again – like they did the first time.

  • Andrew Porter

    That’s Hillary, not “I did not have sex with that woman” Bill….

  • Boerum Bill

    I find this truly awesomesauce! Yet, there seems to be a lot of bitter little Tea Party members “steeping” in the nabe.