Looks Like Something Big and Fugly is Coming to Remsen Street

Pro-development website YIMBY reports that designs for 153 Remsen Street are in – and boy are they…interesting.

YIMBY: Filings for the building indicate it will stand 185 feet tall and measure 79,700 square feet, with 4,576 square feet to be dedicated to ground-floor retail. The remainder will be divided amongst 60 units, which will average just over 1,200 square feet apiece. Ceiling heights will average under ten feet, which is almost unheard of for new condominium developments in prime New York City neighborhoods, but the generous floor-plans would still point towards condos being the likely product.

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  • Sad

    Aside from being a huge ugly mess, did the city and developers think about how a building of that size will impact our schools? Of course not. PS8 is already over crowded. Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, where we approve huge ugly out of context buildings and don’t think about how development will impact the community (and the views! see save the view). Sad.

  • johnny cakes

    Who owns New York City?

  • tod cohen

    good question you got me on that one all I know is I see too many buildings going up it will be pointless to attempt to put retail space due to the fact that for newly renovated space they will charge a more colossal rent & it will be chain stores the places that shut down were more likely paying a much cheaper sum of rent.

  • Heights Observer

    The real estate interests of course!

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Let’s first ask a few basic questions:
    1) since you’re increasing the use and
    Population of the area are you increasing
    the amount of police, Fire and EMS? No?
    Then guess what the RE/Financial types
    just did to your level of safety?
    2) Are the darlings which are creating
    This wonderful new work of art going
    To set aside, free of cost, any space
    for a school in the building? Er, how
    about a clinic or mini ER? No? Then
    guess what they just did to all your
    health access?

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    NO! you see, that’s the Major reason
    all the protests against new develop-
    ment largely or always fail they NEVER
    focus on the BANKS. It’s who’s writing
    the paper which makes the project

    Even if the protests aren’t carefully
    controlled fronts, which anyone with
    any Real political experience knows
    many of them are, if they don’t address
    the central role of the financial commu-
    ity in the destruction of their community
    they always fail in the larger sense.
    They may have mini victories which
    are feel good or face saving, but
    always the rot of their communities
    goes on basically undisturbed.

  • Mini_Cooper

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. I figured it would be fugly and huge, but this… leaves me speechless.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Please note, you can’t have a true ER without a full-service hospital behind it, thus remember the tragic and extremely corrupt events that closed LICH.

  • Heights Observer

    Banks and real estate are joined at the hip. Remember what David Rockefeller said when he helped the RE industry zone out most of the manufacturing areas in the city. The future of New York City is F.I.R.E. (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) and they are ALL connected and invest in property!

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s outside both the Heights and Skyscraper Landmark Districts, like its neighbor the Archstone on Montague Street, so nothing can be done about the height. Meanwhile, all those people in the Archstone who have already lost their westerly view due to the new construction next door, will be losing the views looking south and west. And, of course, suffering through the noise of yet more construction next door.